Ecommerce Trends

Top eCommerce Trends For 2022

A huge part of every economy in the world today is eCommerce; eCommerce is a way for sellers to connect with customers over the internet and sell their products online. What are the top eCommerce trends for 2022? Let’s dive in! Using this method, customers are able to purchase goods that are not available in…

Upgates Review
Ecommerce platforms | Reviews

Review: With the Upgates e-shop system, you can go out to the world

Want to build your own e-shop? You don’t want a custom solution, but you could use some of its benefits? Then the UPgates platform shouldn’t be missed. This will give you a number of benefits that only custom made solutions and benefits that box systems have. Learn more in this review. What is Upgates? UPgates…

Application Development No Coding
App development

Best No-Code Platforms For Building Products

A low-code development platform is an app development framework that enables one to build corporate and mobile apps with little coding knowledge. One can construct apps using no-code development platforms without creating a single program. This means that even those who don’t know how to code may create applications. No-code platforms reduce a solution’s time-to-market,…

Virtual Shopping

Future of AR and VR in eCommerce

The origins of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies may be dated directly to 1838, when Charles Wheatstone invented the stereoscope, which overlaid a picture over each of the viewfinders, resulting in a scattered 3D image. Edwin Link’s flight simulator, Ivan Sutherland’s “Sword of Damocles” VR headgear, and several more innovations have all…

ZealotVPS Virtual Servers (VPS)

Isn’t shared web hosting enough for you? Switch to VPS

If you’re starting a business, creating a website, a smaller e-shop, or looking for a solution for a personal blog, you’ll need a regular shared web hosting. However, for larger projects, this solution is insufficient. We will advise you when is the right moment to switch to VPS and what not to forget when choosing…


The Biggest Cloud Computing Trends

Briefly put, cloud computing allows businesses to access computer services over the internet without having to acquire or build up their own local equipment. Storage arrays and analytics, programming interfaces, and enterprise software such as human resources (HR) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are examples of common commercial cloud services. Cloud collaboration services and…

Blueservers Datacentre
Blog Dedicated servers abroad through a reliable partner

Do you know is one of the group of young providers of dedicated servers abroad. The advantage of the company is high-quality services supported by the latest technologies. With this provider, you can choose from hosting in a total of 6 countries around the world. provides servers in the Netherlands, Great Britain, Estonia,…

Best Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Best Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Who wouldn’t love the internet? Many use social networks daily, shop in e-shops, look for information about companies, services, read newspapers or have fun. We use various devices to connect to the Internet – computers, laptops, tablets, phones and smart TVs. How much do we protect our privacy and anonymity in our daily use of…

NordVPN - Virtual Private Network

VPN offers a number of benefits, you just have to choose the right provider

In recent years, the number of companies offering VPN (virtual private network) services has increased significantly in the market. With increasing computer literacy and increasing user privacy requirements, interest in these services is on the rise worldwide. Come and meet one of these companies and find out what benefits VPN brings you. NordVPN – fulfilling a boy’s…