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Review: VPSuniverse Network WordPress Hosting

Vpsuniverse Review

VPSuniverse offers fast and secure WordPress hosting in a cloud environment at an affordable price with dedicated performance. Their premium servers are equipped with tools for cloning, staging, and the WordPress Toolkit Deluxe. The platform is based on the popular cPanel and uses LiteSpeed Enterprise to ensure high website speed. Such cloud hosting seems like a dream. But is it really worth it?

When I imagine ideal hosting for WordPress, I think of something that is fast, reliable, and easy to manage. Nowadays, we need our websites to run quickly and without problems. Therefore, choosing the right hosting is key.

VPSuniverse.net is a company specializing in providing web hosting and cloud solutions. The company was founded during the COVID-19 pandemic. In a short time, they have more than 1,200 clients in 20 countries and over 2,500 servers in certified data centers.

Imagine having a WordPress site that is up to 220% faster. With VPSuniverse, this is possible thanks to LiteSpeed Enterprise with LSCache/Memcached. This means your visitors won’t have to wait forever for the page to load. And when we talk about management, VPSuniverse offers centralized WordPress management, which is a huge simplification for you as a web administrator. Mainly, you can manage multiple WordPress projects from one administration.

1 En Vpsuniverse

I must praise the JetBackup tool, which is included in every WordPress hosting tariff. It facilitates manual website backup and easy recovery of backups when needed. Not to forget, automatic backup occurs once a day. Backups are stored securely off the server. In addition, each hosting tariff comes with a range of great tools that make your life easier.

2 En Vpsuniverse WordPress Hosting

You have a choice of 3 WordPress hosting tariffs, so whether you have a small blog, a corporate website, a magazine, or a large WooCommerce e-shop, VPSuniverse has maximum performance for you.

So that was a quick introduction to WordPress hosting from VPSuniverse, and now let’s take a closer look at their offer.

Hosting Features

In my practice, I often encounter clients who are looking for powerful yet affordable WordPress hosting. At VPSuniverse, I found that their hosting packages meet these requirements for price and performance ratio. Thanks to dedicated vCPU cores and dedicated RAM, you can expect reliable performance necessary for managing demanding WordPress sites.

Let’s compare the 3 basic WordPress hosting tariffs among ourselves. A table will serve us best for this.

FeaturesStarter – WordPressPremium – WordPressPro – WordPress
vCPU dedicated cores2 vCPU4 vCPU4 vCPU
Dedicated RAM2 GB4 GB4 GB
Disk space150 GB (100% NVMe)150 GB (100% NVMe)350 GB (100% NVMe)
Email accounts101530
FTP accounts5510
SSL/TLS certificate for freeLet’s EncryptLet’s EncryptLet’s Encrypt

Their NVMe disk solution offers not only a significant amount of storage space but also high-speed data access, which is key for optimizing page load time. Page loading speed has a direct impact on SEO and user-friendliness. Therefore, it is important to have hosting like VPSuniverse, which provides dedicated performance. This means that your site is not limited by other sites. Your visitors will appreciate it and for e-commerce sites, it will help increase the conversion ratio because customers will have a better shopping experience when everything loads faster.

WordPress Site Management with WP Toolkit

WP Toolkit is synonymous with me for advanced WordPress site management. It offers a comprehensive, yet intuitive, solution for site management. I have been in the hosting industry for over 20 years on a professional level. I am grateful for tools that increase work efficiency. WP Toolkit is an excellent example of a web management assistant in this regard.

3 Es En Vpsuniverse Wp Toolkit

One of the key features of the WP Toolkit is automation. The ability to schedule updates, perform bulk changes across different installations, and easily implement necessary security measures not only saves time but also increases the overall efficiency of site management.

In addition, the ability to easily create staging environments and clone sites is invaluable for testing new features or updates without risking affecting the production environment. This gives me the freedom to experiment and innovate while ensuring that the sites remain stable and available to visitors until I iron out all the bugs.

cPanel Control Panel

cPanel is considered the gold standard for control panels in the hosting industry. I must say, it is an invaluable tool in terms of efficiency and user-friendliness. Its intuitive interface and rich set of features allow even less technically skilled users to comfortably manage their hosting accounts.

6 Es En Vpsuniverse Cpanel

cPanel provides easy access to managing email accounts, databases, domains, installing SSL certificates, and many other things. Last but not least, cPanel supports automation and task scheduling, which allows you to set up regular backups and other maintenance scripts or CRON tasks.

One-Click Application Installation

Softaculous Apps Installer, which is part of cPanel, is used for one-click installation of applications and scripts without the need to upload anything via FTP to the server.

4 Es En Vpsuniverse 1 Click Install

Softaculous offers an extensive library of scripts that cover a wide range of platforms, from blogs and discussion forums to e-commerce and CMS for content management. One-click installation eliminates the technical barriers associated with manual database and configuration file setup, saving time and simplifying the deployment process of new projects. Basically, even an absolute beginner can install WordPress here. It’s that simple.

Optimized LiteSpeed Web Server

LiteSpeed Web Server is a revolutionary technology that transforms the way websites are hosted, especially WordPress. The performance is truly impressive. LiteSpeed surpasses NGINX by up to 12x and Apache by up to 84x.

5 En Vpsuniverse

Google and other search engines prefer fast pages. LiteSpeed, combined with its own caching solution, significantly increases page loading speed, which is crucial not only for the comfort of website users but also for SEO, increasing the theoretical potential of the site to reach higher positions in search results.

LiteSpeed is not limited to improving page loading metrics but also effectively handles high traffic. If you have a highly visited website, it is important to know that you have hosting with a web server that can handle such traffic. This is especially important for e-commerce projects, where every second of delay can mean lost sales and decreased conversion ratio.

Price of VPSuniverse WordPress Hosting

VPSuniverse offers flexible pricing tariffs for WordPress hosting. They are designed to suit different sizes of websites – from personal blogs to extensive sites. The basic tariff, which VPSuniverse refers to as “Starter”, is ideal for those who are just starting and looking for an economical solution without unnecessary expenses. For websites that need more resources and have bigger ambitions, there are tariffs with higher configurations.

7 En Vpsuniverse Price

Switching to more premium plans brings an increase in resource capacity and performance, and although this may mean higher monthly costs, it also opens the way to advanced features that can be key to the growth and scaling of projects. VPSuniverse strives to maintain a balance between price and performance, so you need to consider what configuration is optimal for you.

Compared to the competition, VPSuniverse fares very well in terms of price-performance ratio. However, it is important to note that while some alternatives may offer a lower price, they may fall short in terms of performance, support, and reliability. On the other hand, with VPSuniverse, you get robust infrastructure and top-notch performance, making their offer very competitive and worth it for their above-standard performance and reliability. Both are absolutely essential for online business.

Exploring VPSuniverse Latest Offers and Deals

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100% OFF on any WordPres Hosting USA plan for the first month when you choose monthly subscription.
Vpsuniverse Logo 100% OFF
100% OFF on any WordPres Hosting USA plan for the first month when you choose monthly subscription.

Easy to Use

VPSUniverse is really easy to use thanks to cPanel and WP Toolkit. Of course, it is important to get used to the cPanel interface, but believe me, after a few minutes, you will appreciate its features and the ability to set absolutely everything related to your hosting or website through this control panel.

Creating a New Account

On the VPSuniverse website, choose one of the pricing plans. I’ll leave the choice to you, but if you have one simple website or blog, then the Starter tariff will be enough for you. However, the PRO tariff is very cost-effective in terms of price-performance ratio. I personally like such a tariff because I can have several of my web projects on it and I can manage them from one place. This really saves a lot of time.

8 En Vpsuniverse
Choose a hosting tariff.

In the next step, you can have a new domain registered. If you already have a domain, you can transfer it or just direct it using DNS. Then just pay and you will receive all the necessary details by email.

9 En Vpsuniverse
Domain Settings.

In the email, you will receive client administration details and cPanel details. Client administration is mainly used for managing services, registering domains, billing, and similar. Hosting, email boxes, databases, etc. are managed through cPanel.

cPanel Control

I’m not going to write a guide to the cPanel environment here, but I’m writing this section mainly to show you how simple and intuitive this interface is.

cPanel has a search function at the top, which allows quick access to the tools I want to use. This feature is particularly useful if you are not familiar with cPanel, but it will also help you quickly find what you need.

10 Es En Vpsuniverse
Searching in cPanel.
  • Domain Management: in the “Domains” section, I can add new domains and subdomains, set up redirections, and manage DNS zone files. Everything is clearly organized, so managing multiple domains is easy.
  • Email Management: cPanel allows for easy creation and management of email accounts. I can also set up filters and anti-spam protection.
  • Security: Security is key, and cPanel offers tools for configuring SSL/TLS, setting up a firewall, password-protecting directories, and more. These tools are easily accessible and simple to use.
  • Files and Databases: For file work, there is a File Manager, which I use to upload and edit files directly from the web browser. MySQL database management is also easy thanks to phpMyAdmin, which is integrated directly into cPanel.
  • Performance and Monitoring: cPanel provides statistics and analysis that allow me to monitor how my resource usage affects server performance. Information such as CPU usage, RAM memory, running processes, and available disk space are presented in a clear form.

Who I Would Recommend VPSuniverse WordPress Hosting To?

I would recommend VPSuniverse WordPress hosting to those looking for reliable and affordable solutions for their websites. If you have a developing website and need hosting that can grow with you, VPSuniverse is ideal. Their packages are scalable, which means you can start with a smaller plan and gradually move to larger ones as your needs grow.

For e-commerce site owners, not just on WooCommerce, or websites with high traffic, VPSuniverse offers a stable platform with excellent performance. Given that performance and availability are critical to the success of online business, VPSuniverse is an ideal choice that has enough power.

For bloggers and small projects that may be just starting and working with a limited budget, the basic “Starter” tariff is attractive. This plan offers enough resources to launch a website with the advantage of easy upgrade to a higher hosting tariff when needed.

It is important to note that VPSuniverse brings a robust set of tools for website management, including cPanel and WP Toolkit, which is great for those who want to have control over their sites without having to resort to external services. In addition, I think that many developers and agencies that need to efficiently manage their clients’ projects from one place will find their place here.

Pros and Cons

Pros (+)Cons (-)
+ Fast, reliable, and secure solution for WordPress hosting.- Probably nothing.
    + LiteSpeed Web Server for fast page loading.
    + cPanel and WP Toolkit.

    Conclusion and Evaluation

    After exploring everything that VPSuniverse WordPress hosting offers, I can confidently say that it is a service that strives to meet the needs of large sites, as well as the expectations of smaller projects. Emphasis on technological equipment like LiteSpeed brings visible results in loading speed and reliability of hosted site operations.

    VPSuniverse is hosting that manages to combine solid performance and reasonable price. With their hosting plans, they satisfy both start-ups and developing online businesses.

    VPSuniverse is ideal for users who appreciate performance and do not want to deal with the technical aspects of server management. For that price, you get a value that is reflected in the trouble-free operation of your website. If your website needs a background that will provide space for growth and at the same time ensure that it is always fast and accessible, then VPSuniverse should be at the top of your list of where to go. For smaller projects with a limited budget, VPSuniverse can also be a suitable candidate, thanks to its ability to adapt to the growth and changing needs of your project.

    If you are looking for hosting that allows you to sleep peacefully thanks to stable performance and security features, and you don’t mind investing in quality, VPSuniverse could be your right partner. With plans that can be easily upgraded and with top-notch site management tools under one roof, it is a solution that adapts to your growth and will not disappoint, no matter where your web ambitions rise.

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