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Review: WEDOS is an unlimited web hosting that comes in handy for WordPress

WEDOS hosting review

WEDOS doesn’t fall into the low-cost web hosts category in the Czech Republic anymore, but it is definitely one of the most popular ones and offers reasonable services in terms of price/performance ratio. What to expect from WEDOS, what are their parameters and is it a web hosting suitable for WordPress? Find out in this review.

Who is WEDOS?

WEDOS (WEbhosting, DOmains, Servers) is a Czech web hosting company and undoubtedly one of the most popular hosting providers in the Czech Republic. Before its founder Josef Grill founded WEDOS, he created and sold off a successful company Forpsi, which had a similar focus.

WEDOS review: homepage
WEDOS web hosting.

In a short time, WEDOS has become a successful hosting company with additional services such as domain registration or VPS hosting. By the way, they offer registration of some domains at buying-in prices, so you’ve got yourself some pretty good deals here.

WEDOS has tried to offer their web hosting services for affordable prices as well. The prices may have not been among the cheapest on the market for a long time, but in terms of price/performance ratio, we can definitely consider WEDOS as one of the most affordable web hosts in the country.

WEDOS is currently used by over 282,600 clients, who have registered over 417,900 domains and use its web hosting for over 112,700 projects. These are numbers that no one in the Czech Republic can beat.

Web hosting options

Web hosting isn’t the only service offered by WEDOS. As mentioned earlier, WEDOS offers domain registration or VPS services.

WEDOS review: services
Some of the services offered by WEDOS.

The company offers registration of nation domains .CZ, .SK and .PL, as well as European domain .EU or generic (top-level) domains such as .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO etc. In March 2020, they have received ICANN accreditation and also started to offer for registration hundreds of nTLDs.

Other services include virtual private servers (VPS) built on OpenNebula cloud infrastructure or a unique WMS – Webhosting Managed Server service, a classic web hosting but with dedicated and guaranteed performance.

Recently, the company have also ventured into cloud services that allow users to create hundreds of interconnected virtual servers.

However, this review focuses on WEDOS web hosting.

Webhosting plans

WEDOS offers two types of webhosting – NoLimit and NoLimit Extra. The first type of web hosting is one of the most popular on the market. Both web hosts have sufficient configuration for the smooth operation of projects powered by popular CMS WordPress, as well as by other systems. The Extra web hosting can also handle ambitious projects with high traffic.

WEDOS review: web hosting plans
Web hosting plans.

NoLimit Web hosting

NoLimit web hosting parameters and their settings should be sufficient for all less demanding to moderately demanding websites and other projects. A very promising attraction here seems to be unlimited disk space and unlimited data transfer. The PHP memory limit is 256 MB. For WordPress, a memory limit of 64 MB is recommended. This is usually not enough, so it’s good that WEDOS does not limit your project in this respect and you can also build an online store using the popular WooCommerce plugin.

WEDOS review: web hosting NoLimit
NoLimit web hosting.

The only thing I don’t like about this web hosting option is the lack of daily backups. The website and all data are backed up at weekly intervals. It is important to keep this in mind when purchasing this option and manage backups using a CMS plugin, for example.On the other hand, I like the large amount of space for databases, which is currently set to 1 GB. This space is not limited by the number of databases, so you can have several of them. I already mentioned the unlimited disk space. In fact, it’s one of the things that will definitely be useful when creating a web project. Disk space can also come in handy because of the possibility of using aliases (domains). You can add 3 of these. This means that you can run multiple 2nd level domains without spending extra money. Specifically with NoLimit, you can have 4 domains with different content from one account. In other words, it’s kind of a limited form of multi hosting.

NoLimit Extra Web Hosting

The WEDOS NoLimit Extra web hosting offers higher performance and more additional services that come in handy for large projects and websites with higher traffic.

WEDOS review: web hosting NoLimit Extra
The NoLimit Extra web hosting.

This web hosting type offers unlimited disk space and unlimited data transfer. In addition, you get a very sufficient PHP memory limit of 512 MB

Your databases can use up to 2 GB of disk space and there is no limit to how many databases you can use.

This Extra web hosting does not limit the number of aliases either. In theory, web hosting can run an unlimited amount of 2nd level domains with different content.This web hosting version offers daily data backup and free data recovery. In addition, you can use an SSL security certificate (HTTPS) without additional charges that come with the cheaper web hosting option. A good sign of high quality is a special benefit of a free month of web hosting in case of unplanned outages that exceed 5 minutes in one calendar month. WEDOS guarantees 99.99% availability, so there is a low chance you will get to enjoy a month of web hosting free of charge.

Comparison of NoLimit and NoLimit Extra web hosting parameters

The best way to compare the performance of each web host is to look at the numbers that WEDOS lists on their website. It states that the NoLimit web hosting can easily run websites with over 10,000 visitors per day. That’s over 400 visits for every one hour, which is a pretty high number. The NoLimit Extra web hosting can handle websites with very heavy traffic. In both cases, they must be well-optimized websites that do not load the servers erratically.

NoLimitNoLimit Extra
Disk spaceUnlimitedUnlimited
Data transferUnlimitedUnlimited
Database space1 GB 2 GB
Email space5 GB 10 GB (can be increased to 110 GB)
PHP memory_limit256 MB 512 MB
PHP upload_max_filesize128 MB 256 MB
PHP post_max_size128 MB 256 MB
PHP max_execution_time90 s (max. 300 s) 90 s (max. 300 s)
Max. number of PHP processes710
HTTPS domain (SNI)Extra chargeYes (included)
Daily backupsNoYes
Free recovery from the backupNoYes
A free month in the case of an outageNoYes

A comparison table of NoLimit and NoLimit Extra web hostings.

Both web hosting options allow switching PHP versions between 5.3 and the most current one. Talking about PHP, I must mention it can be significantly configured without help from the support. Important parameters in php.ini such as max_execution_time, session.use_cookies, allow_url_fopen and others can be easily set in the administration. Both hostings use a quick http/2 protocol which loads websites undoubtedly quicker in comparison with the old HTTP/1 protocol. In addition, servers of both web hostings feature quick SSD discs. All in all, ideal conditions for fast-loading websites.

Web hosting prices

As mentioned above, WEDOS offers two web hosting options – NoLimit and NoLimit Extra. These are full web hostings. In addition, WEDOS provides free MiniWeb web hosting to individually registered domains.

WEDOS review: web hosting plans prices
Web hosting plans pricing.

The MiniWeb is an HTML web presentation that can be easily edited using a visual WYSIWYG editor. If you need a simple business presentation with your own domain, this is a great choice. This free tariff offers 100 MB of disc space for lots of web sub-pages and attractive photographs that can be added using the editor.

Introduction to WEDOS administration

A first-time user may experience a small flashback of the first decades of the internet. The WEDOS administration is, unfortunately, unresponsive and reminds of 2010s websites.

WEDOS review: customer administration
WEDOS administration.

Many people complain. I, personally, do not mind. The web hosting administration interface is used for various technical settings, creating databases, accounts, application installation or managing services. Most of these are not done on mobile phones anyway because users usually need computers for related tasks.The UX (User Experience) itself is a thing that can surely be improved. Despite my experiences with multiple similar services, it took me a while to find my way around the chaotic mess of light-blue links and light-blue background. A higher contrast would be much appreciated.

WEDOS review: web hosting PHP configuration
PHP configuration in the administration interface.

After you get familiar with the system, you will definitely get used to the WEDOS administration and you will feel like a fish in water. In the beginning, it might feel like you’re drowning, but you’ll learn how to swim fast enough. The administration contains everything you might need for web hosting or domain management. And if you can’t find it, click on the knowledge base in the header or use the online chat to contact support which responds promptly 24/7.

Installation of WordPress and other applications in one click

The WEDOS administration contains a one-click app installer. This might be slightly misleading because most web hostings need more than one click. This installer aims to make installations of various applications such as WordPress and various tools easier.

WEDOS review: web hosting WordPress Installer
A simple WordPress installation.

The CMS WordPress installation took 4 mouse clicks, for example. It’s not one click, but it is still far quicker than manually creating a database and copying thousand of files through the FTP protocol.

WEDOS review: web hosting WordPress Installer configuration
A quick WordPress installation and settings.

Some applications you can install using the app installer include CMS WordPress, Joomla or lesser-known Typo3, Piwigo photo gallery or PrestaShop and HESK e-commerce platforms.

Web Hosting speed

We tested out the speed of the NoLimit web hosting using the FakerPress plugin with 7 generated posts and a default article Hello World. The posts contained images of different resolutions. We used the Twenty Twenty theme and WordPress contained only one plugin, the FakerPress.

WEDOS review: Web Hosting Google PageSpeed Insights
The results of the Google PageSpeed Insights were not surprising.
WEDOS review: Web Hosting GTmetrix
A test ran by the WebPageTest.org. First Byte (TTFB) could have been a little better.
WEDOS review: Web Hosting Sucuri Load Time Tester
Sucuri Load Time Tester tested the loading speed in various countries.

Pros and cons

Pros (+)Cons (-)
+ High PHP memory limit
Administration could be better organized
Unlimited disc spaceMultiple domains using aliases (it's not a full multi hosting)
One-click app installation- Paid SSL certificate for NoLimit web hosting
Webhosting is suitable for WordPress
Domains for buying-out prices
24/7 support

50% discount on WEDOS NoLimit web hosting

Our readers can purchase WEDOS NoLimit web hosting with a discount of at least 50%. Just visit coupon section, where you will always find the latest discount coupons for WEDOS hosting services.

Conclusion and final review

WEDOS is one of the most popular web hosts in the Czech Republic. It is used by a large number of clients for various websites and online stores. Nearly everyone who starts with websites and WordPress starts with WEDOS

When it comes to web hosting, first of all, I don’t like the aliases, which are an original way to deal with the demand for multi hosting services. But aliases are not multi hosting. If WEDOS only offered hosting without aliases, I wouldn’t say a word. Aliases work by setting up a .htaccess file in which you set up paths to each directory. These are folders of different domains. Personally, I find this rather complicated and think that conflicts can arise occasionally, especially with more complex websites. 

WEDOS outages are a fairly debated topic. Webhosting guarantees 99.99% availability. But the question is: How do they guarantee it? For the NoLimit Extra web hosting option, the company offers compensation of one month of free service in case of longer outages, but there is no mention of any compensation for the cheaper option. But back to the topic. Since a lot of newbies start on WEDOS, I think that the outages of their websites are mostly caused by their unfamiliarity with content management systems set up and optimization. Their anger then spreads across the internet.

The company is continually investing in infrastructure and service development. I like the deployment of fast HTTP/2 and SSDs, because the speed of loading websites will matter more and more.

WEDOS web hosting should definitely be of interest not only to those who are planning their first web project, as it has great facilities and round-the-clock support but also to more experienced users because the NoLimit Extra web hosting can offer web hosting powerful enough for large projects.

5/5 - (1 vote)

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