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Mozello Review: How to Easily Create Your Own Website

Mozello Review

Mozello is a website building tool that offers simplicity and efficiency. In this article, I will look at its main features, advantages, and disadvantages. You will find out if Mozello is the right choice for you.

Mozello focuses on simplicity and efficiency. As a user, you can easily create and edit your website using an intuitive and user-friendly editor without needing any programming knowledge. It is a type of WYSIWYG editor with many useful features designed for easy website creation and editing. This means you can use this tool even without prior experience in website building and still manage to create a functional website or e-commerce store.

User-Friendliness and Simplicity

Expect ease of use from Mozello. Imagine reading this article, and when you click on a paragraph, you can rewrite it, add an image, or completely change its layout, color, font size, and so on.

1 Mozello
Need to change something on your website? Click on the text and rewrite it.

You can similarly easily change the layout and appearance of an entire webpage in Mozello. Change the logo, font, background color of the page, or rewrite individual items in the menu. All you need is a mouse, a keyboard, and Mozello’s handy page editor. The best part is that you don’t need any knowledge of programming languages to create pages.

Mozello targets users who need to quickly and easily create a nice website on their own. And preferably without unnecessary distractions from features. This is exactly what is delivered here. It is a minimalist editor where nothing important is missing, but at the same time, unnecessary functions or complex settings do not get in the way.

I have tried various website editors for WebsiteRadar, and I am sure that with this editor, any computer-literate user can create a website. The editor is so simple that it probably can’t get any easier.

Advantages of Mozello include:

  • Intuitive, minimalist, and very simple editor
  • Ability to insert custom code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Building pages using pre-prepared content blocks
  • Support and easy creation of multilingual websites
  • E-commerce creation

My Experience with Mozello

Mozello prides itself on minimalism. You won’t find a large number of elements in the editor that you could insert into the page. From my perspective, this is good because it doesn’t force beginners to insert unnecessary effects and features into the pages that then make the website’s usability unpleasant for users. I think this is better compared to Wix because your pages will load faster as a result. Loading speed is crucial today, and it’s good that with Mozello, you will build only a fast-loading website.

2 Mozello Content Block
In the editor, pages are composed using content blocks.

One of the main disadvantages I noticed is the limited ability to customize the design. Although Mozello offers many templates, customization options are limited compared to competitors like Wix. However, this makes building the entire website easier.

I primarily work as a web designer, which means I spend most of my time creating and editing websites for various clients. I know how to quickly design a page and build it completely. Still, I was impressed with Mozello by how quickly I could put together an entire webpage. If I had the texts and images ready, I dare say I could assemble an entire website with the Mozello editor in 1 hour. This is something you can’t easily do with WordPress, for example. This is probably why Mozello is one of the good alternatives to WordPress.

The Mozello editor is simply intuitive. As you can see in the picture above, it doesn’t contain many control elements. The simplicity of the editor is a big surprise. I’ve seen a lot of simple tools, and I never thought their control could be solved even a little better.

For example, when you click on an element in Wix, so many unnecessary settings options pop up that it makes your head spin. Not here. Of course, very creative people might miss certain elements and features. In my opinion, these are just not suitable for minimalist design.

I’ll show you with a simple example.

I needed to add an accordion to my new website, where additional text passages are hidden. Accordions are a very popular element today to engage website users. In the next picture, you can see how easy it is to customize the appearance of such an accordion. There are no complicated settings in the way. With Mozello, you get straight to the point.

3 Mozello
Minimalist settings for the Accordion content block.

However, if you are an experienced designer or an advanced user who needs advanced features and a high level of customization, Mozello might seem limited to you. Some advanced features and customization options will definitely be missing here. Nonetheless, you will certainly be pleased that you can work with your own HTML, CSS, JS, and jQuery codes in the editor. With their help, you can create more complex content elements and design visually more interesting websites.

You can easily add your own code to any content element to add some extra functionality. This is how I bypassed the absence of tabs, which are not yet in the editor. I wrote my own code and have it on the website.

4 Mozello Custom Html Tabs
Custom tabs on a Mozello website thanks to custom HTML and JS.

To summarize so far: Mozello is good for beginners and advanced users alike. It is ideal for small business websites, personal websites, and small e-shops. As a beginner, you will appreciate the ability to create pages without external help. For experienced users or developers, it is good news that in Mozello, you can insert source codes (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) into the pages and also call them via the header. This allows you to significantly change the appearance of the templates and create complex functions on the pages.

Mozello Pricing

Mozello’s pricing offers a total of 3 plans – Free, Premium, and Premium Plus. With the free plan, you must accept that you can only use a third-level domain (e.g., https://address.mozellosite.com).

Paid plans differ in the amount of space for pages and files you upload to the service (photos, documents, etc.) or the maximum number of items in the online store.

5 Mozello Price

With all plans, you can use your PayPal account for payments, which can be easily linked to your e-shop through the online store administration.

The Premium plan provides you with 50 GB of space and the ability to create an e-shop with 15 items. The cherry on top is the free establishment of a new domain name.

Premium Plus is an unlimited plan where you are not limited by space or the maximum number of items in the online store, in which you can choose one of 7 payment gateways for payments, including Stripe or Braintree.

Templates in Mozello

Mozello offers a total of 30 templates ready for immediate use on your website. These templates are fully customizable, allowing you to edit and change their appearance and colors as needed. As with other visual site builders, Mozello allows you to transform an accounting-themed template into a design suitable for, for instance, a Tesla service center. There are no limits to the focus or purpose of your site. You can create beautiful websites for small business owners, craftsmen, lawyers, bloggers, freelancers, doctors, and even large global companies with Mozello.

6 Mozello Templates
Examples of some Mozello templates.

The templates meet modern design requirements. They display correctly on all devices as they are fully responsive. Visitors to your site will have no trouble viewing it on a mobile phone, laptop, or even a tablet.

One of Mozello’s strengths is the speed at which the templates load, which is especially appreciated by site visitors. Templates load and respond quickly, even with unoptimized images (in full resolution). For example, in the Google PageSpeed Insights speed test, I achieved excellent scores.

Custom Templates in Mozello

For most of the prepared templates, you can significantly alter their original appearance. You can insert your own HTML, CSS, and JavaScript codes into the pages. You can also call scripts from external sources. Codes can be inserted not only between the <head></head> tags but also into <body> or directly into the content part of the website, as I showed you a few paragraphs above. Developers will find this offers almost unlimited possibilities for creating original website designs.

7 Mozello Custom Js
Inserting custom code into the content part of the website.

How to Connect Mozello with Other Applications and Third-Party Services

To enhance the performance of your site or e-shop, it may sometimes be necessary to connect with a service or tool that is not directly provided by Mozello. In such cases, you might need to link your website to an external tool for tasks such as tracking visitor metrics, collecting emails, sales, or invoicing.

Expect minimalism in this part as well. The tool does not offer many pre-built integrations. There are forms available to enter IDs from Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel. For e-commerce, there is integration with PayPal and, in the highest pricing plan, integration with payment gateways Stripe and Braintree.

Mozello also offers quick integration with Engaga, a tool for creating effective web forms and pop-up windows to help you collect emails for newsletter distribution. You can create forms and pop-up windows using the visual editor and display them on your Mozello site.

By embedding external scripts and codes, you can connect your Mozello site with virtually any tool or service you can think of.

You can use the following with Mozello:

  • Email marketing – GetResponse, MailChimp, AWeber, and other mailing tools.
  • Payment gateways for card payments – Braintree, Stripe.
  • Affiliate marketing – Affilbox.

Working in the Page Editor

With Mozello, you can create minimalist websites with great UX (user-friendliness). Minimalist does not mean inferior. Your websites will be attractive and can include nice effects like sliders, without being cluttered with unnecessary elements. This is a big plus as it allows even inexperienced users to create attractive and fast websites, which is important as the emphasis today is on speed and usability, which can earn you extra points with search engines and improve your site’s search rankings.

8 Mozello
Adding another content element.

I might be repeating myself, but the main feature of Mozello’s page editor is simplicity. The editor does not clutter with features you won’t use. It focuses on essential elements like content parts, because content is what interests your website visitors the most. Pages are built using formatted content blocks, and you can adjust their final appearance, size, element colors, or spacing after adding them to the pages.

9 Mozello
Inserting a formatted content block into the page.

The editor doesn’t have many buttons and features that might hinder your web creation process. The best part of the editor is that everything you click on takes you to another intuitive environment where you quickly understand what each setting or feature does.

For example, clicking the + button adds another content section to the page, and the gear icon allows you to adjust the layout of an existing content element. The X icon deletes the content element.

You create a new page through the Pages item in the left menu. You create a blog post via the Blog/News item, and you access the e-shop management through the Catalog item. If you’re not creating an e-shop, you won’t see the Catalog item in the menu, so it won’t get in your way.

10 Mozello Add New Page
Adding a new web page.

With one click, you can enable a cookie usage notification on your website. You can also link this notification to a privacy policy page, known as GDPR compliance.

Without the need to read a complicated manual, I believe you can plan, create, and launch your site in a very short time.

SEO and Marketing with Mozello

In the settings of individual pages, you can change URLs and add meta descriptions that can increase your site’s CTR (click-through rate) from search results. There are also buttons for easy social media sharing and the ability to connect external email marketing tools, as mentioned earlier. You can measure statistics using Google Analytics integration, and Facebook Pixel allows for retargeting, which can also be easily added to your site.

Pros and Cons of Mozello

Pros (+)Cons (-)
+ Simple and intuitive page editor.- Some may miss certain design elements.
+ Ability to create multilingual versions of pages.- Free plan includes an advertising banner on pages.
+ SEO settings. 
+ E-shop even with the free plan. 
+ Ability to insert source codes into pages. 
+ Professional minimalist page design. 

Who would I recommend Mozello to?

Certainly, it is for beginners in website creation, small businesses, and freelancers, people who need simple multilingual websites, and above all, people who want to quickly create a website or a small e-shop. Is Mozello for everyone? Probably not. Highly creative users who need a lot of visual effects on their sites may not appreciate the editor. On the contrary, users focused on speed, simplicity, and lightness of design will find it appealing.

It can be said with a touch of exaggeration that even a company receptionist, who has absolutely no experience with website creation, can create professional-looking websites here.

The advantage of Mozello is the ability to insert custom code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), which allows more advanced users and web designers to create more complex and visually attractive websites. The possibility of creating multilingual sites and the easy creation of an e-shop also add to the value of this tool.

On the other hand, if you are looking for advanced features and a high degree of customization, Mozello may seem limited. Moreover, if you plan to create more extensive websites or an e-shop, you will probably need to upgrade to the paid version.

Overall, Mozello is a good tool for website creation, ideal for beginners and advanced users looking for a simple yet effective solution.

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