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Review: Surfshark Alternative ID Not Only as a Disposable Email

Surfshark Alternative Id Review

Surfshark Alternative ID, a revolutionary feature of the Surfshark VPN service, creates an alternative online identity including a disposable email address, thus preventing the disclosure of your real identity. In this review, we will take a look at how Surfshark Alternative ID works and why it is currently the best tool for protecting your online identity.

How Surfshark Alternative ID Can Help You

Surfshark Alternative ID creates an alternative online identity for me so that I can use the internet without fear of revealing my real identity. This feature is useful when I need to subscribe to a newsletter in an online store, exchange a free e-book for my own email address, or try out a service or online course without having to share my personal information. This way, I can easily protect my personal information while enjoying everything the internet has to offer.

One of the main advantages of Surfshark Alternative ID is the creation of a temporary email address. For example, when shopping online or signing up for various websites, I can use an alternative identity with an alternative email address. This reduces the risk of revealing my real identity. The main reason for using Surfshark Alternative ID is to protect my real email address from spam and abuse.

A few examples where Surfshark Alternative ID has the greatest potential:

  • Online shopping: When making a one-time purchase in an online store, so they don’t send you their newsletters for the rest of your life.
  • Newsletter subscriptions: Use an alternative ID to subscribe to newsletters from various websites where there is a risk that they may sell your email address.
  • Trial subscriptions: Registering with an alternative identity prevents further unwanted communication after the trial period ends, when they try to convince you to pay.
  • Contests and freebies: Protect your primary email from spam when participating in online contests. Discussion forums: Join discussions without revealing your primary email to spammers.

How to Create an Alternative Identity and Disposable Email

As I’ve already mentioned, the Surfshark Alternative ID service is a feature that is part of Surfshark VPN. Therefore, you need to order it. Its most advantageous option is Surfshark One. With it, you’ll not only get VPN and an alternative identity but also additional tools to protect your privacy. The package also includes the Surfshark antivirus.

Creating an alternative identity is simple. With Surfshark, you don’t have to use their application; instead, you can get new identity through the web interface and use it independently of the application.

Actually, you don’t have to set anything complicated. In the next picture, you can see that the service randomly generates a name, age, gender, etc., for you. If you want, you can manually adjust this information. I definitely recommend it, at least for gender and the country your alternative self comes from. You may also notice that the service generates an alternative postal address.

In the next step, you will proceed to create a disposable email address. You can choose from several domains and eventually even rewrite what comes before the @ sign.

Finally, you will set the email address to which messages from the alternative email address will be forwarded. This step is conditional on you confirming your address in your email inbox.

In the end, you have created an alternative identity whose details you can safely fill in anywhere on the internet.

How to Further Protect Your Online Identity

Use a VPN because it encrypts your internet connection and hides your IP address, making it difficult to track your online activity. VPN is helpful not only for protecting your privacy when using public Wi-Fi or accessing region-restricted content. With Surfshark Alternative ID, the advantage is that it’s part of the VPN. You can read more about it in the Surfshark review.

Be cautious about where you input your email address. This is crucial for protecting your online privacy and security. Every time you share your email address online, it can increase the risk of spam, phishing attacks, and other forms of cyber misuse. Avoid entering your email address on websites that look untrustworthy or have bad user reviews. It’s also good to avoid exchanging emails for promises of free content and the like.

I know it’s not possible nowadays because you’re constantly bombarded with ads for enticing e-books, courses, and other freebies. Stores and services also vie for your email address so they can send you enticing offers. It’s just tough nowadays.

That’s why you should use Surfshark Alternative ID services for disposable emails. For registering on websites you don’t plan to use regularly, or where there’s a risk of spam. Have a special email address for activities like forum registrations, blog comments, or subscribing to newsletters. This way, you protect your main email address from potential spam.


Refer to temporary or disposable email addresses that are used for a short period of time and then discarded. These throwaway email addresses are typically created for specific purposes such as signing up for a service, accessing content, or completing a transaction online, without needing to provide one’s primary email address. Once the purpose is fulfilled or if the user starts receiving unwanted emails, they can easily discard the burner email address without affecting their primary email account. Burner emails are often used to maintain privacy, reduce spam, or avoid being tracked online.

  • Privacy.com – this service provides virtual debit cards for secure online transactions. Users can create disposable card numbers to safeguard their financial information while making purchases online.
  • Blur by Abine – offers a suite of privacy features including masked email addresses, credit card masking, and tracker blocking. It helps users protect their personal information and enhance their online privacy.
  • Temp Mail – offers disposable email addresses for temporary use. Users can generate email addresses quickly and easily, making it ideal for signing up for websites or services without using their primary email.
  • Guerrilla Mail – is a temporary email service that enables users to create disposable email addresses. It allows users to receive emails without revealing their personal email address, making it useful for avoiding spam or protecting privacy.
  • ProtonMail – provides encrypted email services with a strong focus on privacy and security. It offers end-to-end encryption, ensuring that only the intended recipient can read the emails, and features like self-destructing messages for added security.
  • AnonAddy – is an open-source email forwarding service that allows users to create unlimited aliases for managing online communications. It helps users maintain privacy by masking their primary email address and providing control over who can contact them.

An Email ID Generator, also known as a new email generator, alt email generator, or ID generator, is a tool designed to create temporary or disposable email addresses for various online activities. These generators help protect your online identity by allowing you to use alternate email addresses instead of your primary one. By utilizing these temporary IDs, you can shield your personal email from potential spam, phishing attempts, and other online threats. This practice serves as a proactive measure to safeguard your privacy and security while engaging in various online mediums. Additionally, it aids in preventing your primary email address from being associated with potentially risky or spam-filled platforms. Overall, an Email ID Generator is an essential tool for anyone looking to protect their identity and maintain online privacy.

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