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Review: Is Hostinger the hosting where you want to transfer all your sites?

Hostinger.com review

In this review, I took a closer look at hosting Hostinger, which is one of the best known shared web hosting providers in the world. Its pricing policy is somewhat controversial, as it tries to get clients to order services at a super bargain price for several years to come. Nevertheless, I think that this hosting is one of the most affordable on the global market. Do you think it makes sense to move your website there? You will find out in this review.

Hostinger introduction

Hostinger is a hosting company from the Lithuanian city of Kaunas. The company’s history dates back to 2004, when it was named Hosting Media. However, at the time, the company was looking for its place in the market, so its subsidiaries began to emerge, such as 000Webhost, which is still free web hosting, or Hosting24, whose servers were located in the United States and the United Kingdom at the time.

Currently, Hostinger has several subsidiaries, such as website builder Zyro, with which you can build your own website or the aforementioned web hosts. The services of the companies belonging to the Hostinger group are used by more than 29 million users worldwide. Precisely, 178 countries around the world.

Hostinger services

Hostinger is a large company with many years of experience in providing hosting services of all kinds. Of course, it further expands its scope as the market develops and the demand in it. Hostinger can offer web hosting tariffs for small websites, but it can provide facilities for more complex large websites and e-shops with high traffic.

Services introduction
Services introduction

In 2019, a great revolution took place in the Hostinger data centers. The Apache servers have been moved to the LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS). The goal of it was to increase performance, and it worked. A big improvement came especially with Time To First Byte (TTFB), when LiteSpeed Web Server has a third better result than Apache.


Comparison of web hosting tariffs.
Comparison of web hosting tariffs.

Shared web hosting is an affordable background for any web project. Hostinger has 3 shared web hosting tariffs – Webhosting Single, Webhosting Premium and Webhosting Business. The cheapest web hosting tariff is designed for one website. It can be a more demanding project without any worries, but its traffic should not exeed 10,000 users per month.

Webhosting Premium and Webhosting Business are very interesting web hosting tariffs. You can run 100 websites on 2nd order domains in one account. It’s such a very generous multihosting.

What is included in shared web hosting:

  • Free SSL certificate
  • Backups
  • LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress (WordPress Acceleration)
  • DNS servers protected by Cloudflare
  • SSH access (except for the Single tariff)
  • 24/7 support

WordPress hosting

wordpresshosting wordpress

Hostinger offers a total of 4 WordPress hosting tariffs – Single, Starter, Business, PRO. Their division, in turn, is based on the way they are used. Single is intended for one website / domain and for other tariffs you can run 100 websites on 2nd order domains. The choice of tariff depends on the complexity of the web projects that you will want to run there.

What is included in WordPress hosting:

  • Free SSL certificate
  • WordPress administration tool with hosting administration
  • Backups
  • LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress (WordPress Acceleration)
  • DNS servers protected by Cloudflare
  • WP-CLI (command line management)
  • SSH access (except for the Single tariff)
  • 24/7 support

Another services

Hostinger has even more services to offer. It is definitely worth mentioning VPS hosting with many server configurations, where the lowest VPS tariff offers 1 GB of RAM and the highest 16 GB of RAM. For international projects, we offer cloud hosting, on which it is possible to run up to 300 websites.

Price packages

Hostinger is a typical large company that wants to satisfy all customers. And of course it can do that, so it offers a sufficient selection of price tariffs, which differ from each other mainly in their configuration. If you’re wondering if Hostinger makes sense for you, it probably does, because you can go there to host your small website or blog as well as a more demanding and larger magazine or e-shop.

Price list of shared hosting tariffs.
Price list of shared hosting tariffs.

Thanks to the possibility of running dozens of domains on one tariff, this web hosting will probably also pay off for web agencies and freelancers who create and manage websites for custom clients.

Price tariffs are interestingly graded. I dare to say that Webhosting Premium is sufficient for most web projects. You can run 100 such projects on this particular tariff, so you need to consider their complexity, because the main limitation of the tariff is the number of visits per month. The monthly number of visits is a kind of indicator of the approximate load that the web hosting tariff can handle. This is also the main difference between individual web hosting tariffs. Another difference between lower and higher web hosting tariffs is also, for example, in backup intervals, where cheaper tariffs have a weekly backup and the highest daily backup tariff.

Choosing the right tariff can seem like a difficult problem. So let’s take a look at the next part of the article on how to choose the right tariff for Hostinger.

How to choose a suitable web hosting tariff?

The offer of services is simple. In this article, I focus mainly on shared web hosting and WordPress hosting, but as I wrote above, Hostinger offers VPS, cloud hosting or, for example, e-mail hosting. But these are services for which clients already know what they need. Let’s take a look at how to choose a web hosting tariff.

Single Shared HostingPremium Shared HostingBusiness Shared Hosting
1 web100 sites100 sites
30 GB SSD storage100 GB SSD storage100 GB SSD storage
~ 10000 visits / month.~ 25000 visits / month.~ 100000 visits / month.
1 email accountFree emailFree email
Free SSL certificateFree SSL certificateFree SSL certificate
100 GB bandwidthFree domainFree domain
Managed by WordPressUnlimited BandwithUnlimited WordPress
WordPress accelerationManaged by WordPressManaged by WordPress
Refund within 30 daysWordPress accelerationWordPress acceleration
Number of databases: 2Refund within 30 daysRefund within 30 days
GIT accessUnlimited databasesUnlimited databases
Weekly backupsGIT accessGIT access
DNS servers protected by CloudflareSSH accessSSH access
24/7 supportWeekly backupsDaily advances
99.9% uptime guaranteeDNS servers protected by CloudflareFree CDN
DNS management24/7 supportDNS servers protected by Cloudflare
Access Manager99.9% uptime guarantee24/7 support
Number of subdomains: 2DNS management99.9% uptime guarantee
Number of FTP accounts: 1Access ManagerDNS management
Number of Cron jobs: 2Number of subdomains: 100Access Manager
Unlimited FTP accountsNumber of subdomains: 100
Unlimited Cron TasksUnlimited FTP accounts
Unlimited Cron Tasks
Comparison of Hostinger shared web hosting tariffs.

First and foremost, you need to think about what you will need. For example, if you are creating one website, you can choose any tariff from Hostinger. In fact, the cheapest one will suffice, but only if you only need one e-mail box. If you want more e-mail boxes on your own domain, then you must choose higher web hosting tariffs, on which you can create 100 e-mail accounts.

You need to pay extra attention to the number of site visits. The lowest tariff is limited to 10,000 visits / month. From my own experience, I know that achieving a new project with 10,000 visits per month is not so easy, with a corporate website it is usually almost impossible if you do not send visitors through advertising campaigns. So it follows that you can start with any website or e-shop at the lowest web hosting tariff. Moving to higher option will not be a problem and you will only pay the price difference between the tariffs.

When to choose more expensive variants of web hosting? More expensive tariffs have one big advantage: you can run 100 websites on 2nd order domains there. If you divide the price of web hosting among 100 websites, you will get a very low price. Such a web hosting tariff is suitable for the operation of your own projects as well as for the management of client websites. In both cases, you have to pay attention to the limit of visits, when you have the choice of a tariff with a limit of 25,000 visits / month or 100,000 visits / month. Both numbers are already quite high, so you need to consider the complexity of the individual sites that you want to run there.

Example of hosting administration

Hosting at Hostinger is managed via hPanel – it is similar to cPanel (web hosting management software). Hpanel seems simpler to me, which is definitely good. If you insist, you can manage your hosting with cPanel. The first login to the hPanel will take you to the user section, from where you manage all services and manage your web hosting account.

Example of hPanel administration interface.

If you want to manage the web hosting of a specific website of your account, just click on the Manage button, which will take you directly to the administration. From here, you can install applications with one click, manage and create new databases, subdomains, mailboxes, FTP accounts, GIT repositories and so on. Of course, it is also possible to configure PHP from here. The configuration options are quite advanced, so you can set up a lot, not just change the version of PHP.

You can also see nameservers directly from the web hosting administration, to which you need to direct your domain, which you have with another registrar. Hostinger is actually already an international hosting, which comes from Europe, but it also has its servers in the USA. Why am I writing about it? Because directly from the administration you have the option to change the servers on which your website will be located. There is a choice of Europe and the northern USA, so if you feel like expanding to the American market, you can have the website moved to the local servers. As a result, Americans should have a faster loading time.

One-click installation of WordPress and other applications

Easy application installation.
Easy application installation.

Hostinger has an application installer in its administration, with which dozens of different content management systems, e-commerce platforms, marketing tools and other applications can be installed with one click. With this installer, you don’t have to work a lot of copying files to FTP, creating a database and connecting it to the system. The installer will take care of all that.

One-click WordPress installation.
One-click WordPress installation.

This hosting has its own WordPress web hosting tariffs, so that’s probably why there is a tool in the administration that lets you install WordPress, but it can also detect WordPress, which you upload to the server manually, for example, when migrating from another web hosting. With this tool you can manage your WordPress directly from the hosting administration. If you manage multiple client sites, you will appreciate a similar feature, because due to updates, disabling and enabling plugins, you do not have to log in to each system, WordPress separately, but you will serve them all at once. This will make a lot of work easier.

Manage WordPress via hPanel.
Manage WordPress via hPanel.

Pros and cons

Pros (+)Cons (-)
+ hPanel has a very intuitive interface - Daily backup for an additional fee or with the highest web hosting plan
+ Option to change the website’s hosting server location- The lowest plan has only one email inbox available
+ Possibility to host 100 websites in one plan (not valid for Single plan)
+ WordPress management available directly from the web hosting administration
+ 24/7 customer support throughout the year
+ Significant discount when ordering for multiple years

7% discount to get you started

Our readers can purchase web hosting from Hostinger with a 7% discount. Just visit the page with bonuses for readers, where you will always find current discount coupons.

Conclusion and evaluation

Hostinger is a large company operating in many countries around the world. Such companies usually suffer from slow service administration or poor and slow user support. So none of those things are in danger here. Web hosting administration is fast and tuned. It is even currently translated (September 2021) into 15 languages. Unfortunately, Czech or Slovak are missing among them. Of course, I also tested user support during the test. It responded within 30 minutes of asking a question and the problem was resolved to our satisfaction in an instant. The support works very well.

The pricing policy of this hosting is quite fine. Of course, Hostinger tries to make you pay for a longer period of time by getting a significant discount when paying for more years. And it really pays off. When you then divide the price into 100 websites that you can host in one account of higher tariffs, the price for web hosting is literally minimalist. But I will leave the final opinion to you.

After the first login to the administration, a begginer could spend some time looking for things in the administration. However, Hostinger has a well-crafted help and then there’s the intuitive hPanel, so even a complete novice will, in my opinion, learn to navigate very quickly.

Advanced users can manage and configure a lot of things through administration, so they don’t have to contact user support for every mess. Advanced configuration of PHP, Git or SSH approach are a matter of course.

What else? Hostinger has everything you need to run a website. It is a very good hosting. Although the basic tariff will not dazzle due to its limitations, higher tariffs already have meaningful prices and I would easily recommend such hosting for this price.)

5/5 - (2 votes)

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