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Review: Jasper AI, the future of copywriting belongs to artificial intelligence

Jasper Ai Review

Jasper AI is an artificial intelligence for content generator that will take over the work of copywriters in the future. Now, however, it is a tool that content creators and copywriters will love because it will help them write any articles, advertising texts, books, e-mails faster and more efficiently. There is much it can help with. Read the review so you know what Jasper can do.

What is Jasper (former Jarvis.ai)?

Jasper is supposedly the future of writing. Anything. Jasper is an artificial intelligence that can create text content for the web, blog, social networks and other media. Today, it is an exaggeration to say that Jasper will replace copywriters on your team. Someday it will certainly be true. Currently, Jasper.ai is a tool (with artificial intelligence) for copywriting. It will help you with writing various content. With its help, you can write any texts such as blog posts, emails, books, advertising slogans, PPC ads, video scripts, texts for websites and much more efficiently and quickly.

In this review, I’m going to show you how Jasper works and what it can do, so be sure to continue reading.

Jasper Ai Preview
Jasper is a revolution in the creation of written content.

The tool was originally called Jarvis and was created in 2020. Although it is relatively young, it has already caused a small revolution in the online world. Thanks to artificial intelligence, a number of successful web projects were suddenly created, which were written entirely by this artificial intelligence. And perhaps thanks to this small revolution, Jarvis, which in 2022 was renamed Jasper, received a great response and also a big investment. The initial investment was $6 million, and this project will certainly not be waiting for long for another investment.

Jasper has prepared an update for its users. Thanks to her, everyone can become an artist. Jasper Art is an AI (artificial intelligence) that can generate any image using cleverly entered instructions. It just depends on how accurately you can tell or describe to the AI ​​what the image should be.

Who is Jasper for?

Jasper AI is usable mainly for content website owners and content creators/copywriters themselves at the moment. I intentionally wrote at the moment, because Jasper is not yet able to fully work on autopilot, but it is necessary to learn how to work with it, slightly modify the outputs and check the facts stated in the content. However, the accuracy of the information needs to be monitored for all content generators.

In any case, I dare to say that, for example, Jasper will help you in these scenarios:

  • With the speed of new writing content, since more than 50% of the content is written by Jarvis.
  • Breaking the creative block, because Jarvis will give you inspiration, which you will improve as a copywriter.
  • With saving time when retrieving information, because artificial intelligence will track it down for you. Then it is up to you to check the correctness.
  • With the creation of multiple variants of advertising tests to test the reactions of the audience.

Main features of Jasper

The main function of Jasper is to write texts, but in order to be able to write texts, he needs enough information about what to write about and for what purpose. Therefore, the most important functions of the tool relate to different methods of entering input contexts.


Templates are the perfect way to boost your creative ideas, but it also helps you write texts in less time and with less effort than you’ve done before. At least for me, that’s the case.

Jasper Content Templates
Content templates.

Templates are created according to real procedures using consultations of top SEO specialists and copywriters. You can set up templates in Jasper as forms, in which you follow the instructions to enter important information that is needed for the tool to understand what the text should be about, with what tone of voice it should be written. It will be best if I show you on some example.

I chose the AIDA Framework template, according to which ads are created. The principle of this marketing framework consists of 4 stages:

  • Attention – to gain attention
  • Interest – to arouse interest in information and product
  • Desire – creating a desire (wish, decision) to own a product
  • Action – call to action (people place an order or go to buy a product)
Jasper Aida Framework
Input template for creating text according to AIDA framework.

Jasper has no problem writing texts in many languages, so with one input you can create a variety of multilingual texts.

The main goal is to describe what should be the output in the best way possible. The better you describe what you want in the text, what you want to describe, the better output you will get. On my example you can see that I wanted to create a text about linkbuilding. In the product description, I entered a few sentences, selected a tone of voice, selected the output language, and finally clicked on Generate AI content.

In a few seconds, Jasper will prepare several text designs written according to the AIDA framework. In this case, he prepared a total of 3 drafts of the text for me to choose from.

Jasper Aida Framework Generated Text
Generated text using Jasper AI.

That’s not all, Jasper has many templates for different texts in it. An interesting fact is that he should be able to write, for example, a personal cv on Linkedin. To be sure, I’m attaching yet another image with more content templates.

Jasper Additional Content Templates
Additional content templates.


Jasper can read and write text in more than 25 languages. For example, you type text in English, and Jasper delivers output in Japanese, Swedish, Czech, German, and so on. And of course, it also works the other way around, when you enter text in Czech, for example, you get the output in any of the 25+ languages that this tool supports.

Jasper Languagues Support
AI for writing multilingual texts.

Jasper recipes

Jasper Recipes are actually workflows, that contain a number of commands. These act as a template that gives Jasper instructions on how to prepare the text. The purpose of this function is to make it easier to write texts and, above all, to make it faster to create new texts.

Recipes are similar to the template feature I wrote about above, but here you have more freedom in formatting the form of the text. The commands you enter by Jasper look like this:

  • >write a brief for {TOPIC}
  • >write blog title ideas
  • >write an introduction
  • >write a blog outline
  • >write about {OUTLINE_ITEM_1}
  • >write about {OUTLINE_ITEM_2}
  • >write about {OUTLINE_ITEM_3}
  • >write a blog conclusion on {OUTLINE_ITEM_1}, {OUTLINE_ITEM_2}, {OUTLINE_ITEM_3}

Text in curly brackets are variable values, that you must override. The commands above are actually the kind of structure of a blog article in which you enter important key phrases (keywords). From these, the AI generates text. Definitely do not rely on the fact that you enter a few words and immediately publish the output on your blog. That’s how it unfortunately or maybe thank god doesn’t work yet. The output needs to be adjusted, supplemented and checked for facts.

There are many commands that Jasper would understand. From my own experience, I know that it is better to enter these commands in English, including the variable. However, you will get the output in your language.

For writing blog posts, this recipe is probably best:

  • >Write some blog post titles about {topic}.
  • >Write a content brief about {topic or title}.
  • >Write a blog outline for a blog post titled {blog post title}.
  • >Write some FAQs about {blog post topic}.
  • >Answer the question “{How much protein should I eat per day?}”.
  • >Write a blog post intro for the above.
  • >Make a list of {topic}. (ex. Make a list of auto manufacturers)
  • >Write a conclusion paragraph about the above content.

I will give the output of the text that Jasper supplied me when entering commands.

Commands For Ai And Generated Text
Commands for AI and generated text

My experience with recipes is not exclusively good. The outputs are not ideal and I got better texts from Jasper using templates. But the error may also be that I have not studied the tutorials and documentation much.

Jasper Art

Jasper Art

The whole world is literally flooded with incredible images created by artificial intelligence (AI). Jasper Art is an AI that can create an artistic image or any image in seconds. It’s not just some party trick, it’s an artificial intelligence that can handle any art style and task.

In simplicity, Jasper Art works in three steps:

  1. Step 1. Describe literally any image you have in mind.
  2. Step 2. Use some creative styles.
  3. Step 3. Watch Jasper Art instantly create the artwork.

You can see it in the image gallery on the Jasper.ai website. AI Jasper Art is seemingly easy to work with, but of course the better the input, the better the output.

Jasper Art Preview

How to work with Jasper?

In this review, I actually gave you a glimpse of how to work with AI. But I will show you one more method of writing articles with which I get better results. Basically, it’s quite similar to writing recipes with entering commands, but with the difference that you write headings in the text, to which Jasper adds paragraphs of text.

Jarvis works by typing text into the editor and pressing the keyboard shortcut, CTRL+J (Windows) or CMD+J (Mac), which starts the text generator.

First you need to figure out the structure of the article and write the headings into the editor.

Jasper Ai The Structure Of The Blog Article
The structure of the blog article.

With the mouse cursor, click under the title and press the keyboard shortcut to start the AI.

Video demonstration of working in Jasper.ai
Jasper Ai Generated Text
Generated text.

As I have already written here, the generated text simply needs to be checked. AI sometimes generates complete nonsense, but sometimes it offers an idea for another subheading in the article. If you don’t like the generated text, you can have it rewritten with the Re-pharse function.

Just mark the text for overwriting and click on the Re-pharse button.

Jasper Re Pharse
Marking the overwritten text.

Jasper will offer a rewritten variant. If you are still not satisfied with the text, click on the arrow symbol.

Jasper Re Generated Text
Regenerated text.

The Re-pharse function has other uses. It’s rewriting copied text. You can create new text from the copied text, which Jasper checks for duplicates. For example, I copied the text from our article on Kadence template and had it rewritten.

Jasper Transcribed Text
Transcribed text.

It may surprise you, but rewriting texts also works from foreign languages. You will deliver the input in German, English, French and so on, but you will get the output in your preferred language.

Now that I’ve touched on the topic, I’ll finish it. Rewriting articles is a bit of a black hat technique, but Jasper can just be used for it.

Here is a video demonstration of rewriting an article using Jasper AI.

Video demonstration of rewriting articles.

How you use Jasper is actually up to you.

What is the price of Jasper AI?

Jasper has two pricing plans – Starter and Boss Mode. Of course, they are different from each other, but more on that in a moment. The price is set according to the expected number of words, you will generate with the tool per month. The good thing is that you can set the price yourself.

Jasper Price
Jasper AI price list

The tool will cost you $29 and $24 respectively if you subscribe to the Starter plan for the whole year. Such a price is up to 20,000 words. For over 20,000 words Jasper will cost $49 a month. And for that price, you can generate up to 50,000 words a month. You can play around with setting the price and find the best price for you personally.

What is the difference between Starter and Boss Mode fares?

In simple terms, the Starter tariff is better for shorter texts and Boss Mode for longer ones. Anyway, Boss Mode not only costs a little more money, but it has other features in it that the cheaper tariff does not have.

Jasper commands do not work in the Starter tariff. Because of this, you will also lose the Recipes or plagiarism checker.

But the main difference is in the length of the input context. The longer context you put into the tool, the better it can deliver the output text. And here you should pay attention, because for the Starter tariff it is possible to supply an input context of 600 characters, for the Boss Mode tariff it is 3000 characters.

Connection with SurferSEO

If you use SurferSEO, you can take advantage of the integration that Jasper has. This will help you write better optimized texts. That is, SEO texts. SurferSEO’s SEO tool analyzes the text and compares it to the best sites in search results. Based on the analyses obtained, it will then recommend what to improve in the text so that it has a chance to get to a better position in the search results.

Jasper Surfer Seo

Pros and cons

Pros (+)Cons (-)
+ Templates for content creation (more than 50)- AI sometimes generates nonsense
+ Possibility to set a price- The output must be checked (but this is needed for every such tool)
+ The tool is very intuitive
+ Perfectly prepared documentation and tutorials
+ Over 25 supported languages


If you often create content, do linkbuilding, are a copywriter, own content sites, then Jasper is a tool that will save you time. There is no question about that. My colleague and I have been testing Jasper AI for several months now and we are excited about it.

The truth is that AI sometimes generates nonsense or informationally worthless texts from which you don’t really learn anything. I would compare it to cheap texts of beginning copywriters.

But if Jasper gets enough information in the form of input context and keywords, then it can generate quite decent text. However, be aware that even such decent text needs to be checked, supplemented, edited or rewritten. That doesn’t sound very good, does it? Don’t worry. The power of Jasper AI lies in saving time and delivering ideas that you, as a copywriter and content creator, can develop and perfect in a much shorter time than if you were writing the whole text yourself.

And that’s probably why you’ll love Jasper and save time with it when writing any content more efficiently.

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