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In-depth Ivacy VPN review: your ultimate guide

Ivacy VPN is a lesser-known service with a long history and a good price. Surprisingly, it can protect online privacy and can also unblock Netflix and other streaming services like BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Hulu etc. These are things that other VPN services can do as well. So why should you be interested in Ivacy VPN? For example, because it belongs to the faster services with a large server infrastructure worldwide. However, there are certain disadvantages that you should be aware of. I will explain them to you in this review.

When I compare Ivacy VPN to other VPNs, it seems to me that it doesn’t offer as many marketing benefits compared to the competition. I’m referring to benefits such as a large number of servers, which Ivacy VPN does have a bit more than NordVPN but significantly fewer than Private Internet Access. It probably doesn’t matter whether you plan to use the service on an unlimited number of devices or only on 10, as is the case with this VPN network. Yes, the word “unlimited” immediately catches the eye, but you can’t install VPN applications on more than 6 devices throughout the house, after all.

I personally perceive the number of servers as just a meaningless indicator. In the end, I am always interested in facts, and when testing a VPN service, I ask questions like: how good is the connection, how fast is the VPN, can the VPN unblock streamed content, what is the security policy, is it a cost-effective service? These are the questions that I will answer in this review.

Introduction of Ivacy VPN

Ivacy is a Singaporean VPN that has been growing quite rapidly since its launch in 2007. Winner of the BestVPN award for 2019 for the “fastest VPN” and nominated for the “most significant user contribution” award, as well as “overall best VPN“, it has become a very popular service. I probably don’t need to mention that it is used by millions of users worldwide.

1 Ivacy Vpn Aplikacja Windows
The application for Windows looks simple.

Features of Ivacy VPN

Here is a quick overview of what might interest you about VPN service:

  • Over 5700+ servers in more than 100+ locations
  • 10 simultaneous devices connected
  • Advanced IPsec and IKEV protocols
  • Zero-log policy (no logging of activities)
  • Multiport
  • Kill Switch
  • P2P support
  • Split tunneling
  • Unlocking streams (Netflix, iPlayer, etc.)
  • It offers an attractive “lifetime” pricing plan with a 5-year subscription.

User data security

The VPN service must uncompromisingly inform us users about what happens to our data. I am particularly concerned about sensitive data such as visited websites and the like. Ivacy VPN adheres to the zero-log policy principle – no recording of activities.

Ivacy VPN does not retain this information, so it cannot sell it to anyone or provide it to authorities. This is one of the biggest concerns for users.

The only thing Ivacy VPN knows about us is our email address. If you are really concerned about your privacy, you can choose one of the secure payment methods, which will keep you in absolute anonymity.

2 Ivacy Vpn Zabezpieczone Metody Płatności
Payment methods.

Unlocking streaming with Ivacy VPN

Can Ivacy VPN bypass streaming service restrictions? Yes, it can unblock the majority of them. On the Ivacy VPN website, you can find logos of streaming services that Ivacy VPN’s specialized streaming servers can handle.

Naturally, I tried it immediately and wondered if I could unblock BBC iPlayer.

3 Ivacy Vpn Blokada Bbc Iplayer
Blocked BBC iPlayer.

In the picture, you can see access to the British BBC iPlayer without using Ivacy VPN, but in the bottom picture, I connected to the service and could watch the blocked series Mystery Road.

4 Ivacy Vpn Nieodblokowany Stream Bbc
Ivacy VPN can unblock streaming content.

Is Ivacy VPN fast?

Yes, it is fast. In my test, Ivacy VPN ranks among the faster VPN services. However, from time to time, there may be some hiccups, and the VPN may not be as fast as you would expect. For example, I tested the connection speed to a server in New York, and during the speed measurement, it seemed to me that Ivacy VPN was significantly slower compared to other services. I tried turning it off/on, and the speed was comparable to others.

You can look at the speed comparison between Ivacy VPN and NordVPN in the table.

USA (New York)Ivacy VPNNordVPN
Download (Mbps)29,1934,08
Upload (Mbps)16,7923,89
Ping (ms)10489

Yes, she is fast. Yes, it seems that NordVPN is faster, but it’s only a momentary value. I believe that if I measured it at a different time, the speed would be comparable or higher.

Moreover, in the next table, you can notice that when connecting to a server in Frankfurt, Germany, Ivacy VPN is faster.

EU (Frankfurt)Ivacy VPNNordVPN
Download (Mbps)37,3529,39
Upload (Mbps)44,5638,3
Ping (ms)2125

Ivacy VPN – connection speed test

I have calculated the average speed I achieved with Ivacy VPN in all speed tests. This is the calculation of the average speed from connections to servers in 7 geo locations: USA, EU, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, Russia, United Arab Emirates.

LocationDownload [Mbps]Upload [Mbps]Ping [ms]
USA (New York) 29,1916,79104
EU (Frankfurt) 37,3544,5621
Australia (Sydney, Melbourne) 4,125,14317
New Zeland (Auckland, Wellington) 33,54,3316
Brazil (Sao Paulo) 15,547,54228
United Arab Emirates (Dubai) 29,413,86129
Russia (Moscow) 33,7830,2854
worldwide (average) 26,117,5167,0

Important features of Ivacy VPN

Kill Switch

The Kill Switch is a feature that disables the internet connection the moment a VPN connection failure occurs. Its purpose is to prevent the compromise of sensitive user data. Ivacy VPN has the Kill Switch feature.

5 Ivacy Vpn Kill Switch
The “Kill Switch” activation button can be found in the settings.

The Internet Kill Switch is turned off after installing the VPN application. If you want to have a truly secure VPN connection, you must enable this feature yourself.

On the flip side, you can notice that you can turn on the Kill Switch automatically or for a selected protocol.

Split tunneling

Split tunneling is a feature that allows you to use both protected and unprotected connections on one device. You just need to configure the applications in the application settings for which you want to use or not use the VPN connection.

6 Ivacy Vpn Split Tunneling
Split tunneling settings.

In practice, it works like this: you can have one web browser connected to a VPN and another to an insecure internet connection.

I can tell you that I am extremely grateful for this feature because it allows me in my profession, for example, to use full search results on Google in a foreign country.

Free storage

Free cloud storage. This is not something that every VPN service offers. Ivacy VPN offers customers storage with a disk space of 2TB. However, there is one condition: you must subscribe to the service for 5 years in advance.

7 Ivacy Vpn 2 Tb Cloud

The prices of cloud storage are often slightly more expensive. For example, Google Drive with 2TB of space costs $12. For a similar price, you can also get OneDrive, but it’s more advantageous there because it includes Office 365 applications for the whole year.

Sticky password manager

Sticky password manager is a secure and user-friendly password management tool that helps you store and organize your passwords and sensitive information. With features like strong encryption and seamless synchronization across devices, it makes managing your online credentials a breeze while enhancing your digital security.

Price of Ivacy VPN subscription

The subscription to Ivacy VPN is the biggest advantage of this service compared to others. The subscription is incredibly cheap, assuming you take advantage of the limited offer for a 5-year subscription, which also includes 2TB of storage and a password manager.

8 Ivacy Vpn Cenik

Lifetime subscription

People are searching for Ivacy VPN in connection with a lifetime subscription. Currently, it is possible to subscribe to the VPN service for 5 years in advance at very attractive pricing conditions. While it’s not a lifetime subscription, the limited offer for a long-term subscription is very appealing in terms of price. And you won’t have to worry about paying for the VPN service for another 5 years.

When you consider that the price of $60 includes 2TB of cloud storage, VPN, and a premium Sticky password manager, you have to admit that it’s damn advantageous.

Of course, it could be about attracting as many users as possible who will get used to using the service for 5 years. If they diligently fill the storage with family photos for 5 years, these users will likely become regular subscribers for many years to come. Ivacy VPN definitely pays off in this regard. So, the question now is, how much will the service renewal cost for existing customers after 5 years?

Ivacy VPN deals

Ivacy.com logo




Extra 10% discount on Ivacy VPN license. Can be combined with other discounts.
Ivacy.com logo 10% OFF
Extra 10% discount on Ivacy VPN license. Can be combined with other discounts.

Ivacy VPN applications

Ivacy VPN is available for almost every device you can think of. The good news is that there is now also an application available for Linux. Manual configuration is possible almost everywhere, from Xbox and Chromecast to routers of various brands.

Most users are primarily interested in available applications. I tested the applications for Windows and Android.


The Android application has a rating of around 3.7 stars on the Google Play store. Users complain about various issues, with connection to VPN being the most prevalent. In their reviews, people mention that the app shows them as connected to a server in a different country, but their internet browser and IP address tests show no changes. This means that while the app has connected to the VPN network, other applications have not established a VPN connection.

9 Ivacy Vpn Android Aplikacja
Android application.

To tell the truth, I didn’t experience this error myself. However, I believe that it could have occurred for other users. Android is a relatively inconsistent system where each phone manufacturer adds their own overlay, which can lead to various issues.


I also didn’t have any problems on Windows. What surprised me with Ivacy was that Split tunneling worked immediately. With some VPNs, it was necessary to restart the application for the tunneling feature to work correctly.

10 Ivacy Vpn Windows Aplikacja

Ivacy VPN warning about a virus

However, I must complain about downloading the Windows application. When I downloaded the file to my computer, Windows immediately deleted it due to the presence of a virus. I tried to find the cause, but I couldn’t find a solution. Eventually, I contacted Ivacy VPN customer support. They immediately sent me a link to download an older version of the application. I downloaded and installed it without any problems.

11 Ivacy Vpn Windows Wirus Przy Pobieraniu

The application did not pass the antivirus check.

Something similar happened to me when testing Symlex VPN. I really don’t know what could be causing it, but it has significantly affected my trust in the service. I hope that Ivacy VPN will fix this problem soon.

If I were to evaluate Ivacy VPN based on the applications, I would say that they don’t stand out in any way. The applications are equally simple and have similar features to other services.

Pros and cons

Pros (+)Cons (-)
+ The possibility to use on 10 devices simultaneously.- When downloading the application, Windows reported a virus.
+ 30 day money back guarantee
+ Application for every device.
+ Special servers for unblocking streaming.
+ Over 100 server locations.
+ Quick user support.


Ivacy VPN has earned its place among the best VPN applications I have tested so far. And I’ve tested quite a few of them. Although this service is available for many operating systems, the Windows application allegedly has the most features. I can’t vouch for that since I don’t have a Mac. If you manage to catch the limited subscription offer with 2TB of storage for free for 5 years, there’s no need to think twice. Go ahead and get Ivacy VPN.

Come and read our regularly updated comparison of the best VPNs.

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