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Review: ZoogVPN is a decent VPN for reasonable price

ZoogVPN is a VPN service provider that allows users to secure their internet connection, hide their IP address, and ensure anonymity and security online. You probably haven’t heard about it yet, but after a few weeks of testing, I present my opinion on this VPN network. I am sure that what interests you the most is whether this service is worth buying? You will find out exactly that from the review below.

While testing ZoogVPN, I noticed a few things that cannot be overlooked. They are:

  • Speed: I am surprised by the speed of some servers. The connection is stable. For regular browsing and streaming, it’s entirely sufficient.
  • Interface: the application is intuitive and easy to use, which is great news not only for beginners who want to install a VPN and use it immediately, without complicated configuration.
  • Price: Compared to the competition, the price of ZoogVPN services is reasonable.
  • Immediate connection: after clicking the connection button, the application instantly connects to the selected server. Without waiting.
  • Servers in problematic locations: servers are available, for example, in China and Russia.

In earlier reviews of ZoogVPN, you probably read about the problems the application was facing. For example, when I was searching for a server (location), it irritated me that after clicking on a location, I didn’t connect immediately, but I had to click the connect button again. It was an extra and unnecessary mouse click. It has been resolved in the latest version of the app.

ZoogVpn Instant Connection
Connect to the server with one click

ZoogVPN has servers located all over the world. It provides over 1000 IP addresses in 41 countries. Thanks to this structure, users can enjoy significant geographical flexibility and the chance to bypass geographical restrictions not only when unlocking sports broadcasts. Indeed, ZoogVPN has just over 70 servers in 41 countries. These are significantly smaller numbers compared to other VPN networks, but ZoogVPN doesn’t have that many users, so it’s sufficient and this indicator will probably increase with the number of satisfied customers of the service.

Zoogvpn Parameters
Main parameters of VPN

ZoogVPN parameters table

Number of servers70+ (1000 IP)
Number of geolocations (countries)41+
Number of devices connected at the same timeunlimited
ApplicationsWindows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Fire TV, Android TV
Kill SwitchYes
Split tunnelingNo
Unblocks streamingYes

What is the speed of ZoogVPN?

In my tests, ZoogVPN is not among the fastest VPN networks, but it performs well compared to most VPN services on the market. During testing, I encountered only minimal speed drops, which works not only for streaming content or online games. Online players will certainly be interested in the fact that ZoogVPN has a lower average latency (ping 144.2 ms) compared to larger VPN networks, such as Private Internet Access (average ping 157.2 ms) or Express VPN (average ping 182.4 ms).

Comparing speed with other VPN networks:

CyberGhost VPNNordVPNZoogVPN
Download (Mbps)23,129,131,1
Upload (Mbps)16,51522,6
Ping (ms)149,1177144,2

ZoogVPN — connection speed test

LocationDownload [Mbps]Upload [Mbps]Ping [ms]
USA (New York)18,9814,691
EU (Frankfurt)36,7641,6822
Australia (Sydney, Melbourne)31,182,38263
New Zealand (Auckland, Wellington)31,045,41297
Russia (Moscow)37,5228,5648
worldwide (average)31,118,5144

Main features

In terms of security, ZoogVPN is on par with the best services on the market. ZoogVPN uses strong encryption, ensuring that data remains safe and protected from prying eyes. Moreover, the provider claims that they do not keep activity logs of their users, which is a key factor for many users deciding to use a VPN network.

Zoogvpn Main Features

Secure protocols

One of the key aspects of any VPN service is the offering of protocols that ensure the security and performance of the connection. ZoogVPN stands out in this field, supporting a wide range of modern and proven protocols. Among them is IKEv2, perfect for quickly switching between networks, thanks to its ability to quickly restore connections.

OpenVPN, which is an industry standard due to its high level of security and reliability, and L2TP/IPSec, which is widely regarded as a good compromise between speed and security. PPTP, although older and less secure, can be useful for fast streaming.

ZoogVpn Settings
Easy configuration with protocol selection

Additionally, WireGuard, the latest addition to the VPN protocol arsenal, offers speed and excellent encryption. Thanks to this combination of protocols, ZoogVPN offers users the flexibility to choose the appropriate security tailored to their specific needs.

Leak protection

One of the key criteria when choosing a VPN network is protection against data leaks, and in this regard, ZoogVPN does not disappoint. The service includes built-in DNS leak protection, which ensures that the user’s real IP address remains hidden, and all internet traffic goes through a secure VPN tunnel. This is especially important in situations where the risk of an IP address leak is highest – for example, in the case of a connection interruption.

Unlocking streaming services with ZoogVPN network

One of the main reasons why many users use VPN networks is the need to unblock popular content on streaming platforms. ZoogVPN turned out to be a good solution in this regard. During testing, I noticed that ZoogVPN successfully unblocked popular services such as Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer.

As an example, I will show BBC and their iPlayer website. The programs here are blocked for viewers from other countries, as illustrated by the image below.

Zoogvpn Blocked Iplayer
Blocked iPlayer

When I use ZoogVPN to connect to any of the British servers, the browser protection doesn’t recognize that I am not a viewer from the United Kingdom. This means that I have unlocked the program and can watch it. The unlock is working correctly, as confirmed by the next picture.

ZoogVPN Unblocked iPlayer
Unlocked program on iPlayer


In many countries with strict internet censorship, VPN traffic can be easily detected and blocked by technologies such as Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). ZoogVPN addresses this challenge through ZoogShadowing, which disguises VPN traffic to appear as regular HTTPS traffic. This allows ZoogVPN users to have smooth internet access even in countries such as China, Russia, and Qatar. This means that even in countries with the strictest Internet censorship, this VPN network can provide its users with unrestricted and unlimited access to any content.

P2P and torrents

For many users, torrent and P2P support is a key criterion when choosing a VPN. ZoogVPN is the perfect choice in this regard, as it offers servers optimized for P2P and torrents. These servers have been designed to provide not only high speeds necessary for efficient file sharing but also additional layers of security and anonymity often required by torrents. Regardless of whether you are a dedicated sharer or just an occasional torrent user, with ZoogVPN, you can be sure that your torrenting activities will remain private and extremely secure. However, it’s important to remember that even when using a VPN network, caution should be exercised.

No-Logs policy principle

ZoogVPN is known for its strict “No-Logs policy”, which means it does not collect or store any logs of its users’ activities. This is a key advantage for individuals seeking true privacy.

Zoogvpn No logs

ZoogVPN Price

The price of ZoogVPN is comparable to other VPN networks. Furthermore, this service is cheaper compared to well-known brands such as NordVPN (review) or ExpressVPN (review).

The most cost-effective option is the 24-month plan, in which you also receive an additional 3 months for free. This means that you have 27 months of using the service at a discounted price.

ZoogVpn Prices

ZoogVPN is free, or more specifically, one of its plans is free. It is, of course, very limited, so you have access to only 5 locations and limited data transfer — 10 GB. The use of P2P is also limited. In short, free VPN networks only make sense for one-time use in emergencies.

ZoogVPN for Windows

The ZoogVPN application is minimalist and has a small number of settings. The application has an intuitive user interface that allows even less technically advanced users to quickly connect to the VPN server.

The Windows application is not a treat for advanced users. It has few configuration options, which is particularly desirable for less experienced users who want to set up a VPN. While it’s true that the most important security features can be found in the settings, some may miss, for example, split tunneling.

ZoogVPN for Android

The Android application is similarly minimalist and simple. When it comes to feelings, I believe that the Android app is more user-friendly, but this is, of course, a subjective feeling. The configuration options for Android are also simple and drastically limited for advanced users. Ordinary users lack nothing in the application. This is indicated by the 4.4-star rating on the Google Play store.

While the application offers a wide range of protocols, including OpenVPN and IKEv2, some users have pointed out occasional connectivity issues in their reviews, especially in regions with a high degree of internet censorship. It may mean that despite the presence of features like ZoogShadowing, some connections may still be unstable. However, despite these potential drawbacks, which cannot be conclusively verified, ZoogVPN for Android offers solid security, encryption, and privacy while traveling.

ZoogVPN Pros and Cons

Pros (+)Cons (-)
+ Minimalist application- A small number of geolocations
+ Conclusions drawn from speed tests
- Lack of advanced application configuration options
+ No-Logs policy
+ Using on an unlimited number of devices simultaneously
+ 7-day money-back guarantee


ZoogVPN is a competitive VPN service provider that offers reliable speeds, an intuitive minimalist interface, and a reasonable price. The speed of connections and server offerings in locations such as China and Russia make this VPN network particularly attractive to users who do not have these locations in their VPN network. Although the number of servers is not as large as some competitors, ZoogVPN has sufficient bandwidth, considering the current number of users.

From a security perspective, the service is doing well. It can boast of several protocols. We will find modern WireGuard and older authenticated protocols here, such as OpenVPN. ZoogShadowing Protection ensures users’ safety, even in countries with strict internet censorship.

One of ZoogVPN’s other strong points is the ability to reliably unblock popular streaming services. I also need to mention solid support for P2P and torrents, all with the promise of a “No-Logs policy”, which means full user privacy and anonymity while browsing the Internet.

While ZoogVPN does have a few flaws, I believe they will be eliminated in the near future. For this money, it’s a good VPN.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our regularly updated comparison, where you will find the best VPN.

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