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VPN offers a number of benefits, you just have to choose the right provider

NordVPN - Virtual Private Network

In recent years, the number of companies offering VPN (virtual private network) services has increased significantly in the market. With increasing computer literacy and increasing user privacy requirements, interest in these services is on the rise worldwide. Come and meet one of these companies and find out what benefits VPN brings you.

NordVPN – fulfilling a boy’s dream

NordVPN is already one of the mainstays in the provision of virtual private networks, this service entered the market in 2012 and since then its customer base has been constantly expanding. NordVPN was developed by Nord Security, a cyber security company. 

NordVPN.com logo

You will find their headquarters in Panama, which is fine because this country does not require any storage of records and information about customer behavior on the network. At the same time, Panama is not part of one of the functioning alliances, whether Five Eyes or Fourteen Eyes, which could invade the user’s privacy. Physically, you can currently find the company’s offices in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and, of course, Lithuania. The most prominent person of this company, Tom Okman, comes from Lithuania. He and his friends dreamed of it, perfect security for user data and he is still working on improvements. This is evidenced by the constant development of other user extensions for easier access.

5 reasons to use VPN

Although most people have heard of VPN, it is still not used by as many people as it should be. Although education is much more available today. Somehow, there is a lack of effort and will to devote at least some time to these topics. There are many reasons to use a VPN, but below you can look at five reasons that might interest you the most.

Security thanks to encryption

The main advantage of using a VPN is the security of your data. No one wants their data checked during communication with servers. In the case of entering payment details, it is extremely important. Thanks to strong encryption, no data escapes a third party. NordVPN uses NordLynx encryption, which is almost unbreakable and high-speed.

How does a VPN work?
VPN – virtual private network.

Protection of personal data

To keep your connection private, it is possible to change your IP address and your internet traffic will not be connected to you. So you don’t have to worry about hackers blackmailing you if you decide to visit an adult site.

Access to censored content

Although a little funny, most people don’t have a VPN to protect their privacy, but mainly to access censored content. Thanks to VPN, you can access streaming services (Hulu, Disney+, videos with region restrictions on YouTube and many others) that are unavailable in our current location. Thanks to this, you can avoid possible censorship.

Opportunity to save

There are a number of products and services whose prices vary by location. All you have to do is connect to a VPN server in a country with a lower standard of living and you can see at what prices you can buy tickets or online services here, and you will probably be surprised.

Secure remote access

The present time has shown not only individuals, but especially companies, how important it is to have secure remote access. It is the work from the home office, which has been more current than ever in the last two years, that has shown many shortcomings in remote data security. The NordLayer solution is suitable for companies.

NordLayer.com logo
The solution for NordLayer companies was originally NordVPN Teams.

Why use NordVPN

The great competitive advantages of NordVPN are mainly:

  • top security thanks to NordLynx,
  • availability in more than 60 countries, covering more than 5,100 servers,
  • great choice for unblocking streaming services,
  • money back guarantee within 30 days,
  • customer support available on live chat 24/7,
  • possibility of use by companies,
  • applications available for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linus, Chrome, Android TV and many more.

The following can be considered as disadvantages:

  • the service cannot be paid through PayPal,
  • it is not one of the fastest out there,
  • does not cope with the censorship of some countries,
  • it is not possible to use for free.

Exclusive offer

As you probably know, November is a month that brings a number of discounts around the world. This is also the case with NordVPN services, which offer you all the above-mentioned benefits as part of the Black Friday promotion with a 72% discount.

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