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How To Send Anonymous Email

anonymous emails

Anonymous emails are needed when one needs to transmit a message that cannot be tracked to the sender. With regular mail, one can be tracked easily by companies, digital marketers, and spammers. To avoid spam and tracking, anonymous emails, which are expendable, are put to use.

Why Anonymous Emails are used

Journalists use anonymous email to pass information secretly. They are also anonymous, whistleblowing, and sharing information without showing the sender’s identity. Regular users make use of these emails to prevent spam and sharing of their personal data.

How To Send An Anonymous Email

Burned emails

Anonymous emails can be sent in different ways. An easy option is to open a burner email address on a popular email provider (like Yahoo or Gmail) without providing accurate personal information like name, address, and location.  Often, burner emails are an easy option to avoid spam and maintain user privacy as there is little information about the user. Since the user is unknown, this limits spam messages as content or ads unique to the user’s preference can not be provided. Also, the user’s location can not be tracked.

However, this method is not the best. External parties can track down an individual through the IP address, and digital services and online advertisers can access data on one’s online logs and activities. The email provider must provide your IP address if required by law enforcement agencies. In this case, Virtual Personal Networks (VPNs) are used to change or hide the user’s IP address. Thus, your IP address is made unavailable and cannot be tracked. This increases privacy and anonymity for the user.

Users must note that one’s choice of VPN services is essential. Using a VPN service that keeps logs can be risky, and one will eventually get tracked. It is therefore advisable that you use paid and reliable VPN.

Anonymous Email Services
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VPN services allow you to carry out your online activities privately by creating a securely encrypted connection between your device and the Internet. These private networks allow you to be untraceable and protect your personal information and online data, which is normally encroached on by companies and services. With a VPN, an internet user can navigate websites and carry out online activities in “ghost” mode.

To back up the burner mail method, the user must choose the right VPN. Some VPN services keep their users’ logs, which are primarily free. Nevertheless, not all free VPNs keep a log. There are still free options users can trust.

The best VPN options include ExpressVPN, Nord VPN, Norton, SurfShark, IPVanish e.t c. These VPNs are available on Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems. These VPNs offer privacy and online security to users.

Anonymous Email services

Making use of anonymous email services is a viable option to consider. These services allow you to share emails without revealing your email address or identity. The individual services differ, and there is a range of alternatives to choose from, depending on your need or requirement. These include little personal information required, encrypted messages, hidden IP address, self-destructive emails, and privacy. Popular anonymous email services are as follows:


Protonmail Logo

ProtonMail provides anonymous email services by using end-to-end encryption so that users can enjoy privacy. Only the sender and recipient can access the content of the mail. The service itself cannot decrypt user messages. Without any personal information provided, ProtonMail creates private mails without the IP address attached. 

You can access its services by creating a ProtonMail account. This only requires a username and password. While there are different accounts available with paid options, the service allows users to send anonymous email free and very accessible to all. You can choose to upgrade your account to enjoy more services.

Cyber Atlantis

Cyberatlantis Logo

Cyber Atlantis is an anonymous email service designed to send and receive encrypted messages without sharing an IP address. The encryption structure works with a PGP public key to access the message. The public key owner can also access the encrypted messages with a private key.

Cyber Atlantis is free for all to use, as long as the messages comply with the rules and are not illegal or offensive. The service does not require account creation or log-in. You only need to provide the recipient’s email address, public key, and the message you wish to deliver.


Tutanota Logo

Tutanota, a German-owned anonymous email service, is designed to create email privacy. The service offers encrypted messages that are shared from one user to another. Tutanota encrypts all user data and automatically encodes all the parts ( header, content, and attachment) of a mail when sending. The service provides both free and paid packages for users. 

Compared with Proton Mail, Tutanota is considered a better option for keeping your mail private and encrypted. Nevertheless, both are good anonymous mail services.



Startmail Logo

StartMail is another anonymous email service that provides optimal security for mail users. The service includes secure data storage, PGP encryption, throwaway email addresses, a personalized domain, and an anti-intrusion system. Also, the user’s IP address is kept private in emails. StartMail is not a free service. However, it offers a 7-day free trial for first-time users and paid packages tailored to meet user preferences. 

Guerilla Mail

Guerrillamail Logo

For disposable emails, Guerilla Mail is a service to consider. Users use this free service to get an email address to gain access to an online service or create accounts on websites to avoid spam from online data trackers and advertisers. Furthermore, the email service allows you to send an unidentified message to a recipient that cannot be traced. 

A user can protect personal privacy by making use of disposable emails, especially on online services that require email verification. The email service provides the sender with a random email address that auto-deletes after an hour. 


Zertificon Logo

SecureMail provides end-to-end encryption and easy-to-use features across different platforms like Outlook, BES, and mobile device management. SecureMail does not employ conventional encryption like PGP; the user can send encrypted messages to the recipient without a key required. This makes it impossible to hack the encryption through the key. The service, however, is not free but offers a free 14-day trial to new users. The service is SaaS-based and can be used by businesses to protect their mail privacy without extra investment. 

Anon Email

Anonemail Logo

AnonEmail is an easy-to-use service that sends user mail through a random series of nodes, making the origin IP address impossible to track. So all you need to do is input the subject, message, and recipient address. The free service allows users to keep their data private and send emails without revealing their email addresses. The service does not log user activity or IP address, and the users can confidently send messages without fear of being tracked. 

In conclusion, whether you send an anonymous mail to convey a secret message, hide your identity from the recipient, avoid spam from advertisers or maintain your mail privacy, these methods and services will help you send and receive messages in stealth mode. Also, some anonymous email services have strong policies against cyberbullying or illegal activities. 

The importance of cybersecurity remains understated. While online services claim to use user data to improve the online experience, it is an infringement on personal space, and you can avoid this by taking security measures. 

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