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BlueServers.com: Dedicated servers abroad through a reliable partner

Blueservers Datacentre

Do you know BlueServers.com?

BlueServers.com is one of the group of young providers of dedicated servers abroad. The advantage of the company is high-quality services supported by the latest technologies. With this provider, you can choose from hosting in a total of 6 countries around the world. BlueServers.com provides servers in the Netherlands, Great Britain, Estonia, Poland, Cyprus and Hong Kong. 

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Why prefer a dedicated server to a virtual one?

Virtual servers are a much cheaper solution than dedicated ones, but they bring rather disadvantages and a number of limitations. For virtual servers, you have to count on low performance and limited service support. You always rent only part of the server. Dedicated servers, on the other hand, are completely different solutions. At a specific location, you rent a physical part of the server with complete service and hardware support. The benefit is high performance, which is suitable for the operation of the most visited websites.

I have a company in the Czech Republic, why should I place my data on foreign servers?

Do you have your customers mainly abroad? It is a good idea to do a customer analysis before placing the server and find out in which locations the largest number of them are located. The server on which you place the data has a huge impact on the functioning of the site. The closer the data is to the recipient, the better. Websites load faster, which means you keep your customers on your site. Keep in mind that if a site loads for more than 3 seconds, people usually leave.

For example, if you have your customers in the Netherlands, you can place the data on a server in that country, but only if you have customers there. For websites with a target audience throughout the Netherlands and in the surrounding states, it is much better to use servers in the UK. They are more accessible and still very close.

Blueservers.com Server Geolocation
Blueservers.com offers servers in 6 geo locations.

Looking for a dedicated server in the UK?

Dedicated servers in the UK are among the best you can find in the BlueServers.com offer. In addition to precision and providing reliable service, you can also benefit from a high level of security.

The main advantages of a dedicated server in the UK from BlueServers.com

High speed

The main advantage is the high speed the service offeres you. The website BlueServers.com states that you will not be at risk of website freezing. This will allow you to increase the number of orders and increase customer satisfaction.

Reliable security

The server in the UK will be perfectly protected from hacker attacks. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about corrupted or deleted files either.

You pay a good price for great server performance

At BlueServers.com, you can choose the flat rate that suits you. In the UK, the provider uses servers with Intel Xeon E3 processors. For most packages, parameters such as 32 GB RAM, HDD 2×1 TB, Bandwidth 100 Mbit, Port 1 Gbps, IPv4 1 and IPv6 16 predominate. The flat rate ranges from $69 to $79 per month.

Blueservers Dedicated Servers Uk
Server tariffs in the Blueservers.com offer


From our point of view, we can only recommend dedicated servers in the UK from BlueServers.com. It offers interesting parameters, top service, simplicity and reliability. If you are looking for advanced technologies in practice, bet on this young but experienced provider. As an advantage, you can also take a favorable price, service support and operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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