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The Biggest Security Threats for 2022

Cyber Security

Forecasting the future has never been an easy task. For security, this is even more complex because it is an attempt to study human behavior. Regardless, by combining various factors that affect security – we’ve assembled the biggest security threats for 2022.

1. Attacks on the Supply Chain

It is expected that in 2022, there will be more attacks on the supply chain of organizations. The aim will be to not only gain access to the organization under attack but also to gain access to the other players that are in the chain. These attacks are designed to harm the service providers, partners of the businesses, customers, and others within the supply chain.

Check Point has estimated that in 2022, there may be more data breaches of companies due to an increase in malware infections like Ransomware. The consequence of this is that the government may have to come up with strict regulations that can help curtail the excesses of these Cyber Criminals.

2. Increase in False Campaigns

2021 was the year of false campaigns and misinformation. This was expected following the effect of the Corona Virus and the lockdown in most countries of the world. There was hardly any rumor that individuals and media houses did not peddle. Some Cybercriminals made some profit off the pandemic by selling fake certificates to people who did not wish to take the vaccine and needed a certificate to help them evade it. By far, the most misinformation about the pandemic came from the side effect that the discovered vaccines were said to have on those who took them. 

Forecasters are estimating that this falsehood across countries would increase tremendously in the year 2022. This fake news may continue to aid scams and phishing campaigns.

3. An Increase in Mobile Malware Attacks

Many organizations shifted from manual work to working from the digital space. With this shift came the increase in the activities of hackers. This period saw an increase in the number of mobile malware attacks. An observation by Check Point showed that almost every Organization had an employee who downloaded malicious mobile malware to their mobile phone. These corrupt mobile apps were capable of disrupting the smooth operations of the phone. Some malware can aid the hacker in retrieving data from the user’s phone.

A growing trend in banking is the use of mobile wallets and other forms of mobile payment services. An increase in the attack of these financial systems is expected by 2022, as the hackers may desire nothing else than to access the finances of unsuspecting users.

4. The Use of Penetration Tools to Carry Out Effective Attacks

The Penetration tools were created for the right reasons unfortunately; criminals have changed their purpose and now use them to commit various crimes against organizations. The penetration tools through the penetration test were used to check how solid a company’s security was. Companies carry out this check through the use of pen testing; this helps them decide how solid their security network is.

Cyber Criminals

5. An Increase in Insider Threats

Insider threats refer to those threats that arise from the activities of employees knowingly and unknowingly. Some employees intentionally misuse their access in their workplace. This action is capable of exposing their organization to cyber-attacks by criminals.

This mostly occurs when employees disregard their companies policy like not sharing their password and email login details with strangers. If this information falls into the hands of ill-intentioned individuals, it could spell doom for the company.

This type of security threat may increase in 2022. The best way to avoid this is to adequately train the staff on security measures and the risk associated with careless behavior patterns.

6. Cloud Attacks

Right now, the cloud is a crucial part of almost everybody’s personal life. While this is a secure way to save files. It is also true that not all cloud services provide secure authentication and encryption to prevent them from being accessed by criminals.

If a cloud service is not properly configured, it could lead to network vulnerabilities and breaches. 

It is expected that this security threat will increase greatly in 2022. This can be checked if the organization can educate and train their employees on the use of cloud technology, but most importantly, they will need to establish a good cloud governance policy for their workplace. 

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