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Subscribe to ONE by TemplateMonster & Get Unlimited Access to over 85k Digital Products

TemplateMonster.com & MonsterONE.com review

The TemplateMonster company was founded in 2002 and nowadays is the largest digital marketplace for the sale of templates for websites and related web developer kits.

Therefore when it comes to buying themes to build a professional website, especially WordPress, TemplateMonster will suit you perfectly.

ONE by TemplateMonster – cool service with cool content

Quite recently, TemplateMonster presented an absolutely cool service that has been attracting an increasing number of users for several years now – this is an unlimited subscription to all their products.

TemplateMonster, MonsterOne - digital products

Ready-made, professional website templates are at your disposal, which allows you to  launch web projects quickly without spending time searching for designers and layout designers.

In addition, all products are sold at attractive prices and can be sold in a single copy to implement the original design.

Just look at this widest range of digital web design products:

  • 85378 most popular themes and templates
  • 28 Advanced Add-Ons and Plugins
  • 9907 presentation templates
  • 45664 graphic templates
  • 1.7M free stock photos
  • 1 Year Free Draftium PRO Prototyping Tool (Save Up To $ 99)

Recommended web hosting as special offers – fast, reliable & money-saving

ONE by TemplateMonster annual subscription – limitless possibilities for your creativity

Enjoy the all-inclusive service!

Now you can safely download an unlimited number of times throughout the whole year, absolutely any template or other element, experiment with it, customize it to your taste, use it in different projects and presentations and not worry about any additional fees.

TemplateMonster, MonsterOne - introduction

In addition, you can always expand your already generous service by ordering additional services to build or promote your online business.

For example, it could be the launch of your turnkey online store. creation of unique content for the site (writing relevant texts) or SEO optimization.

Of course, you will need to pay extra for additional services of specialists. But here it is important to remember that for One subscribers it will be cheaper.

You are sure to save up to 30-50% personal discounts on TemplateMonster products & Technical support for all items

Flexible pricing plans for any budget

The company offers several tariff models to choose from. All of them are worthy of attention as they give you unlimited access to the world of high quality digital products for web design.

TemplateMonster, MonsterOne - pricing

The unlimited subscription includes thousands of products, technical support and various bonuses, that can be paid for by Visa, Mastercard or PayPal.

ONE by TemplateMonster gives you unlimited access to 83,500+ products worth over $ 500,000! Superb, isn’t it?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. If you change your mind, TemplateMonster guarantees a refund within 14 days if you haven’t downloaded any products.

One by TemplateMonster: what are the subscription benefits?

Time has proven that TemplateMonster Library – a storehouse of high-quality products for every taste and budget.

In addition, the range of graphics and additional services for installing, creating and customizing templates exceeds the expectations of the most demanding users. The company does not stop there, constantly evolving and continues to work for those who will sooner or later fall back on the need to create your own website.

1. The circle of potential clients is constantly expanding

  • Web Studios and Webmasters (Freelancers) – HTML5 and Bootstrap templates, templates for CMS and e-commerce platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, MotoCMS, Magento, etc.
  • Designer, illustrator, decorateur – PSD files, logo templates, illustrations, and even After Effects intros
  • Blogger and Content Manager – high-quality media content for maintaining and managing the pages or a website in social networks
TemplateMonster, MonsterOne - service pricing

Entrepreneur – Templates for presentations, social networks, certificates, logos, email newsletters, résumés and templates for corporate identity, e.g. B. for business cards, brochures, etc.

2. Additional bonuses and service

  • Up to 50% off other TemplateMonster digital products not included in the subscription
  • Draftium PRO Mockup Tool (1 year free) – Turbo prototyping tool for websites
  • You get free pictures for all projects

3. Excellent technical support

Chat operators answer product-related questions that do not require technical troubleshooting.

If your request goes beyond general support, you can take advantage of extended support. For a small surcharge, all technical problems can be solved quickly and competently. 24/7 technical support – this is really powerful!

Free download option: just register & use

You are under budget, you want to test digital products first and then buy them? Whatever is the reason, you can always try the products for free. Of course, some functions will be limited, but that will not prevent you from fully evaluating a web developer kit and deciding to subscribe to ONE by TemplateMonster.

TemplateMonster, MonsterOne - product categories

What’s free to download? 

  • HQ music & videos
  • audio files
  • images
  • software
  • graphics systems
  • 3D designs
  • fonts & icons
  • various templates & patterns
  • backgrounds, and so on

What needs to be done for this?

Just sign up for free – it only takes 1-2 minutes and you have countless high quality digital content at your disposal!

ONE by TemplateMonster is not only a subscription: it is also an opportunity for your professional and financial development

Whatever you do: creating products for web design, blogging, managing online stores, promoting goods on social networks – you can always earn more with the TemplateMonster company.

TemplateMonster, MonsterOne - affiliate program
  • High commissions from sales: from September 1, 2020, all creators of graphics sold on the marketplace receive a commission of 65% for each sale.
  • Referral commission: you receive 25% of the income of your referrals who, thanks to you, will register for the TemplateMonster program.

Author-driven pricing policy: this allows the authors of Shopify and OpenCart themes & other web developer kits  to decide for themselves at what cost their products are to be sold on TemplateMonster marketplace. The cost can range from $ 29 to $ 999.

web developer kit by One TemplateMonster: 
the bottom line is clear

For those who have been engaged in web development for years, it is profitable to buy lifetime access, it will pay off a million times over. For those who are still swinging, but already “in deal”, you can subscribe for a year and evaluate the quality of products and ample opportunities for design and not only your own, but also in client projects.

To summarize: if  you need to buy more than 3-4 products per year (templates, plugins, graphics sets, etc.), then it makes sense to subscribe to “One” – it will be 100% profitable. Just to understand, one really high quality template costs about $ 75.

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