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Isn’t shared web hosting enough for you? Switch to VPS

ZealotVPS Virtual Servers (VPS)

If you’re starting a business, creating a website, a smaller e-shop, or looking for a solution for a personal blog, you’ll need a regular shared web hosting. However, for larger projects, this solution is insufficient. We will advise you when is the right moment to switch to VPS and what not to forget when choosing its provider. 

What is shared web hosting? 

Shared hosting means you’re using the server provider’s storage to store your data, while sharing it with other sites. In doing so, you must count on having only a specified number of resources. 

This solution is suitable for personal sites, small companies and e-shops. It has several advantages such as lower price, suitability for beginners with a minimum of technical knowledge and various additional services. Shared web hosting also has its drawbacks:

  • higher traffic may result in slower data retrieval,
  • has lower capacity parameters than VPS,
  • full access to server control is available only to the provider. 
  • it is only sufficient for sites up to 10,000 people per month
  • slower loading if there are large files on the page.
  • you do not have the option of individual server settings. 

When to switch to VPS? 

Is this solution not enough for you? You’ll need to switch to VPS, where you’ll be able to rely on better performance.

VPS is a standalone virtual server that only you will use. Therefore, all VPS resources are available to ensure that your site or application is running. In addition to hardware, the provider will provide you with an operating system. Everything else you install on it is up to you. 

The VPS thus provides several advantages:

  1. VPS can also handle high traffic to an e-shop or website. 
  2. It is enough for projects and applications where you expect high traffic. 
  3. You have full access to the server.
  4. You are using more memory. 
  5. You choose to install your own apps.
  6. You have control over performance optimization and security.
  7. Hardware management and smooth server operation are taken care of by the server’s provider.

Choosing a VPS provider

When choosing a VPS provider, select providers that use branded hardware. Thanks to this, you can rely on quick repairs in case of failures. They should also have sufficient experience in the field and guarantee 99,9 % availability. Data retrieval speed and appropriate geographic location are also important. Hostadvice.com has a list of the best VPS hosting providers, so it’s a good idea to check it out before you sign up for a plan.

Introducing ZealotVPS.com

A provider who meets the above criteria is also ZealotVPS.com. This company has been operating on the market since 2010. You can rely on the 24/7 availability and the quality of the hardware used from branded manufacturers. VPS servers from ZealotVPS.com have high security standards. You can choose from several locations such as Netherlands, Poland, USA, UK and Canada. 

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ZealotVPS Geo Locations
ZealotVPS operates in several countries and continents.
Zealotvps VPS Pricelist for Canada
They offer VPS with Windows or Linux OS.
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