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Where to Download MS Office Completely Legally

Microsoft Office Download

An integral part of any service or personal computer is likely an office suite. If you are not a demanding user or do not mind getting used to a slightly different interface, the cheapest options are open-source suites like OpenOffice or the more popular LibreOffice. However, from a compatibility standpoint, MS Office, or rather Microsoft 365, is clearly the best choice. Although this popular office suite can be obtained illegally, we strongly discourage this method – let’s rather look at where to get MS Office legally.

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Microsoft 365 Subscription

If you prefer the latest software and welcome every new feature, you are probably considering a Microsoft 365 subscription, which operates on a regular subscription basis. Although you have to pay annually for the license, you can enjoy regular updates and simply the best that Microsoft currently offers. If you do not want to pay a large sum upfront for an annual subscription, you can also choose a monthly subscription, although this option is a few hundred crowns more expensive.

You can easily and quickly arrange a Microsoft 365 subscription on the official website. Here, you can choose from several versions, both for individuals and households, as well as for businesses and large enterprises or educational institutions. The software can be downloaded as a disk image for offline installation without complicated login (activation will, of course, require a valid account and subscription):

Where to Legally Download MS Office 2021

A subscription to the office suite is not the solution for everyone. If regular updates and new features are not a priority and you are mainly concerned with lower cost, in the long run, MS Office 2021 is more worthwhile, offering a permanent (lifetime) license. Although an annual subscription may seem cheaper at first glance, it is a one-time payment. You can find an overview of available licenses for households, businesses, and enterprises again on the official website, where you can compare and purchase a license.

The products themselves can be downloaded even if you have not yet purchased a license (though they will not be activated without a valid product key). You can start the offline installation after downloading the disk image (ISO):

Cheaper Alternative – Older Permanent License

Microsoft 365 subscriptions or purchasing a permanent MS Office 2021 license are not the only options for legally acquiring a Microsoft office suite. You can also buy older permanent licenses, which may not offer the latest features but are available at unbeatable prices.

If you are looking for the cheapest alternative, MS Office 2013, you might be disappointed – product support officially ended on April 11, 2023. Although already purchased products will function without problems, Microsoft strongly recommends upgrading to a higher version or Microsoft 365 due to the cessation of security updates. If you are looking for the cheapest option, you will need to opt for the affordable MS Office 2016 license. You can also choose a newer alternative, MS Office 2019, which offers several advanced features.

You can obtain offline installation files through these links:

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