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What Software Can Effectively Replace MS Office?

Microsoft Office Alternatives

There is no doubt that MS Office is currently the most popular office suite, and this is unlikely to change anytime soon. However, it may not fully meet the needs of all users for various reasons. Primarily, alternatives are sought to save money or avoid the necessity of an MS Office 365 subscription. If you are considering switching to an alternative, you might find a suitable replacement for the MS Office suite in our article today, which includes both paid and free alternatives.

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What to Consider When Choosing an Alternative?

Although it may not seem so at first glance, the options are indeed wide-ranging. It is important to note that not all meet the requirements we have for office software. When choosing a suitable alternative to MS Office, don’t forget to consider what you actually expect from the software. An important criterion is not only functionality on the operating system you use (while most alternatives will work fine on Windows, compatibility with Linux is not always a given), but also what features you require from the software and, of course, your budget.


Undoubtedly, the best alternative for MS Office users is the globally popular open-source LibreOffice. Its main advantage is not just the possibility of free download, but especially its high similarity to Microsoft’s product. You don’t have to fear an unfamiliar interface where you would need to spend a long time orienting yourself. The office suite includes alternatives to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. English is also available (among 110 languages!). Moreover, LibreOffice runs not only on Windows but also on macOS and Linux. An Android application might also come in handy.


A very similar alternative to MS Office is the OpenOffice suite. The similarity is not purely coincidental – it is the “predecessor” of LibreOffice, which branched off in 2010 and continued its own path. Unfortunately, it’s necessary to add that LibreOffice comes out much better in comparison. Although both software packages can be legally downloaded for free, work on all operating systems, and offer the same basic functions, OpenOffice slightly lags in the area of extended functionality.

WPS Office

WPS Office might be an interesting alternative to MS Office, released by the Chinese software developer Kingsoft in 2016. The suite is compatible with all operating systems (besides the version for Linux and Windows, there is also a version for Android and iOS) and offers localization in several languages.

It is a fairly quality office suite that offers everything you’re used to in MS Office. Besides a word processor, presentation software, and spreadsheet program, it also includes PDF conversion capabilities and 1 GB of free cloud storage. Unlike the purely open-source alternatives mentioned above, it offers both free and paid versions, which provide a range of advanced features.

Softmaker FreeOffice

Another free, yet fully functional alternative to MS Office is Softmaker FreeOffice. Although you need to register for free use, it offers a wide range of practical features. It is also worth mentioning the possibility of downloading a dictionaries for spell check.

The suite typically includes the TextMaker word processor, PlanMaker for spreadsheets and charts, and Presentations for creating presentations. Also noteworthy is its fairly good compatibility with MS Office files and the choice between two types of user interfaces.

Google Workspace

Finally, we must mention another fully functional alternative to MS Office for those who prefer working in an online environment, specifically in a web browser – Google Workspace. It is ideal especially for group work. Although it does not offer as rich functionality as MS Office 365 and other paid alternatives, it boasts user-friendliness and features like automatic saving to Google Drive. The downside is the somewhat cumbersome text formatting and potential issues with compatibility of files created in MS Office.

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