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How to Convert SVG to PNG online

convert svg to png

Different online platforms will provide you with the right tools to convert an SVG file into a PNG. If you want to convert an SVG file you have to understand the difference between the two of them, and the main benefits and disadvantages of each one of them depending on their use. Before we get to the wide variety of options available to convert the files, let’s see what is a SVG file and the main differences between an SVG file and PNG.

What is an SVG File?

SVG files or Scalable Vector Graphics is an XML-based vector image format, It’s used to define two-dimensional graphics. The XML-based format has many benefits in SEO positioning. This has to do with the SVG images are text-based format, which means that search engines can read and index your images, improving the search engine optimization of your website. 

Another advantage of the SVG files is that when used on a website they use less bandwidth and upload quickly, which is another key factor in improving the quality of the site. Website quality is one of the most important factors in SEO and is measured by different carachteritics that have nothing to do with the way the site looks. 

Unlike pixel-based files like JPEG, the images based on vectors are filed via mathematical formulas based on points and lines on a grid. The main advantage of this is that an SVG file can be resized without losing any quality. This makes this type of file ideal for brand logos, among other uses. 

What are the Main Differences Between SVG and PNG Files?

Understanding the several differences between SVG and PNG will help us decide what’s the best option to use depending on what we want to achieve. Here’s a list of the four main factors in which SVG and PNG files differ from each other. 

File Sizes

What are SVG files vector? As we’ve previously mentioned, SVG files are based on vectors for defining two-dimensional graphics. On the other hand, PNG files are rasters, which means they are pixel-based. 

The difference with an SVG file is that if it’s scale-up too far, then the image will become pixelated or grainy. Another disadvantage is that if it’s reduced too much, it’ll become indistinctive.

When used in Photography

PNG files are not common for the web, however, they can handle high-quality and detailed images. For that reason, this kind of file when used in photographs is a good format for printing and edition.

On the other hand, SVG files don’t use pixels, which makes it hard for them to maintain a high-quality photography standard.

Web Use

SVG files have a key advantage when used for web images. The XML programming language they contain means that each SVG file on display is written in text, rather than code. The main benefit of this is that screen readers and search engines can analyze them, which makes them great for accessibility and SEO purposes.

SVG files are also smaller, which makes the site quicker to load, another key factor for search engine optimization.

PNG, on the other hand, is also used on websites and supports text graphics but not like SVG.  


While SVG files are considered more advanced, they may be unfamiliar to new users. At the same time, they were not compatible with every operating system. They are, however, compatible with all modern web browsers, which include Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari.

PNGs are the standard online format, already compatible with every operating system.

Convert SVG Images into Other Formats

SVG files can be converted to a wide variety of formats. There are online tools that will easily convert SVG files into any other you need. Let’s see some of the online platforms you can use. 

Image Convertor
Source: Pexels.com / George Milton


With SVGtoPNG.com you’ll ve able to convert SVG to JPG, convert SVG PDF, and convert SVG to PNG. This platform will allow you to convert up to 20 images at a time in a few simple steps.


Cloudconvert is one of the most complete online platforms to convert any type of file. It supports more than 200 different formats of all kinds of content such as images, video, and files, among others. Not all the file conversion options are available in the free version.


Convertio is also one of the most complete online platforms to convert SVG files. As in other apps, the process is very simple and nearly automatic. Convert SCG to JPEG by uploading the file and choosing the outcome format, then it’ll take just a  few seconds for the converted file to be available to download.


Convert SVG files easily and fast using ezgid.com. This app is mostly dedicated to the editions and creation of GIF files. However, there are many other tools available like the option to convert SVG online and free.  


Freeconvert.com is an online file converter as simple to use as the other available. With this platform, you can convert up to 1GB for free and then you’ll have to register to continue using it.

Convert SVG Files on Mac

As for Windows users, several online platforms will allow you to convert SVG PNG files or convert SVG JPG files if you use Mac. Here is a list with the most popular ones. 

BatchPhoto Pro

This is considered an advanced platform as it’s an image file converter, editor, and resizer. Basically, every need you might have with your SVG files can be worked on this online platform. 


As opposed to BatchPhoto Pro, this platform is very easy to use and gives you the opportunity to convert several files at the same time. 


Is a free online platform that will convert your SVG files into PNG or JPG in a few simple steps. This online platform requires a stable internet connection. Another disadvantage is that the outcome of the PNG or JPG files quality is somewhat compromised after the conversion. 

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