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Best adult hosting providers

Best Adult Hosting Providers

I have compared 11 adult hosting providers that allow you to host any videos, pictures and other adult pornographic content without any restrictions. I compared parameters such as hosting performance, disk space, unlimited data transfer and convenient operating costs. If you are setting up your own adult website, here is some advice on where to host it.

An adult website is a content website that is no different from a regular website. Well, except for the content, which in the case of porn sites is only available to people over the age of 18 or 21. However, this is a rule that you, as the operator of the site, must follow. Web hosts see slightly different risks with adult sites, which is why many of them don’t want to host such projects on their servers. 

Adult website hosting is risky due to legal reasons. Even though as the operator, you are responsible for the content, a breach of legislation on your part could ultimately have a bad impact on hosting companies’ brand and the overall customer perception of the credibility of their services.

All of the hosting companies listed here allow, or at least do not ban, running adult content sites on their servers. At the same time, they are experienced in operating sites with high traffic.

List of TOP 11 Adult Hosting Sites

  1. Hostinger – offers variety of cheap web hosting services as well as cloud hosting and VPS
  2. DreamHost – a popular option with special web hosting for WordPress sites
  3. TMDhosting – another hosting site where your adult website can grow without limits
  4. ViceTemple – a scalable hosting provider for adult websites specifically
  5. LiquidWeb – a hosting solution for projects with big demands, the service is unfortunately too expensive for small sites
  6. InterServer – a lesser-known hosting service with low acquisition costs
  7. Hostgator – offers cheap shared web hosting plans, WordPress hosting and VPS
  8. Hostwinds –  their strength is their easy-to-set-up VPS 
  9. Fastcomet – their shared hosting plan is powerful but has small data space
  10. HostArmada – offers cheap and powerful cloud WordPress hosting
  11. MyDreams – a Czech company offering powerful adult hosting

What Is Important When Choosing Adult Hosting Service?

When comparing adult hosting sites, I looked at the most important parameters that need to be addressed in this niche. First of all, I verified whether such sites can exist on hosting servers. Another criterion was the hosting performance, the possibility of increasing the performance and data space, data transfer limit (bandwidth) and price-performance comparison.

These are the most important parameters:

  • Size of data space – if you want to host your streaming content, the size of the storage will be one of the decisive parameters in the selection process. For simple adult sites with embedded videos hosted elsewhere, you don’t have to worry too much about this, as such a site will take up hundreds of MB at most. If you are going to upload entire videos and images to the server, you need to have huge disk space in the hundreds of GB.
  • Performance – adult content sites are the most visited on the entire internet. If your site will be visited by thousands of users per day and you will be streaming your own content on top of that, then you need powerful hosting. At the very least, think about having your own VPS so that your content loads fast for your users. The response time of the site needs to be low because users don’t like to wait. The more visited website you have, the more powerful hosting you need. It pays off because fast-loading content is always better monetized than content that doesn’t load at all.
  • The number of sites – if you’re going to be running multiple projects, make sure you can run multiple second-level domain sites on one hosting plan.
  • Unlimited bandwidth – heavily visited sites are very demanding in terms of the amount of data transferred. When streaming content, that can mean a monthly volume in TB (terabytes) of data. Some hosting sites limit the monthly data transfer volume, so keep an eye on this parameter. It is best to choose a hosting plan with unlimited data transfer.
  • Terms of service – when choosing a hosting company, make sure that their terms allow hosting adult websites, as some companies do not allow this type of content. However, only those that do are on our list. Their only requirement is that the content is legal and does not contravene legislation. For example, sites that incite violence, child pornography etc. are prohibited. This is completely understandable.
  • Scalability – adult websites can grow very quickly. Therefore, choose a hosting solution that can handle high traffic and allows you to adapt and increase server resources as required.

Best Adult Website Hosting Providers & My Experience With Them

Before choosing a hosting provider, it is extremely important to consider the type of project you are building. There’s a difference between a site where you embed video previews via iframe and a site where you stream videos directly from your own server. You can run a site with embedded videos and images on shared hosting, but your own streaming content should be running on a VPS at a minimum, although a devoted server with dedicated power and more resources is always better.


Hostinger.com logo

Hostinger offers simple service management. One of its advantages is the good scalability of services. You can start with the cheapest shared web hosting plan that comes with 100GB SSD storage, 1GB RAM and a plan where you can run 100 websites on second-level domains for one price. If your project grows, you can upgrade to a higher shared hosting plan, powerful cloud hosting with high speeds, or get your own VPS.

Hostinger offers cheap tariffs, but I must warn you to be careful about data transfer (bandwidth). The cheapest shared hosting plan as well as the VPS has limited data transfer. This can cause you problems if you are streaming content directly from the hosting servers. For a site with embedded content, this won’t be such a problem.

Important features: storage space starting at 100 GB, unlimited data transfer, good price, easy upgrade to a more powerful plan, simple interface for managing services


Pros and Cons

Pros (+)Cons (-)
+ hPanel has a very intuitive interface - Daily backup for an additional fee or with the highest web hosting plan
+ Option to change the website’s hosting server location- The lowest plan has only one email inbox available
+ Possibility to host 100 websites in one plan (not valid for Single plan)
+ WordPress management available directly from the web hosting administration
+ 24/7 customer support throughout the year
+ Significant discount when ordering for multiple years


DreamHost offers fast servers and a stable network infrastructure, which means that websites load very quickly. This is important for adult website users because they don’t want to wait for their videos and photos. The range of hosting services is huge, so you can start a website on the cheapest shared web hosting plan and grow up to your own dedicated server with unlimited possibilities.

With cheap shared hosting plans, you will appreciate unlimited data space, unlimited bandwidth or a free domain. The WordPress Unlimited plan is interesting – the number of websites, disk space as well as data transfer is unlimited. It is also important to mention that DreamHost offers significant discounts when you pay for a longer period in advance.

Important features: unlimited web space (for shared hosting), unlimited data transfer, strong technical background, servers optimized for WordPress

Pros and Cons

Pros (+)Cons (-)
+ Unlimited disk space- The cheapest tariffs suitable for low-traffic sites
+ Free domain
+ 97-day money-back guarantee
+ Significant discount when you pay for one or more years of service
+ Scalable services


Tmdhosting Com Logo

TMDhosting is another popular adult hosting service where you can find affordable shared hosting plans, WordPress hosting and also VPS hosting or dedicated servers for demanding projects.

When choosing from the cheap plans, keep an eye on the backup interval. This is because the cheapest plan offers no backups, which might not be worth it. Of course, this can be solved in other ways. TMDhosting is good for both starting adult sites and highly visited ones. In fact, this is where your site can really grow. You can order cheap shared hosting at first and gradually move through VPS to a dedicated server.

Important features: data space from 50 GB, WordPress hosting, VPS, fast LiteSpeed servers

Pros and Cons

Pros (+) Cons (-)
+ Unlimited bandwidth- Cheapest plan doesn’t include the option to backup
+ 30-day money-back guarantee
+ Web space from 50 GB
+ Fast LiteSpeed servers


ViceTemple is a specialized adult hosting service that is tailor-made for adult content sites. This makes it a unicorn among other general hosting sites. However, its services are a bit more expensive compared to the competition, so you need to do the math to see if it’s worth it.

You can expect cheaper shared hosting plans suitable for less visited sites but with the option to have more than 10 domains on one plan. VPS and dedicated servers tuned for high traffic are also on offer. It’s all wrapped up in a nice adult package, but everything comes out more expensive than elsewhere.

Important features: special adult hosting, unlimited data transfer, 30-day money back guarantee, cPanel management

Pros and Cons

Pros (+)Cons (-)
+ 30-day money-back guarantee- Expensive compared to others
+ Scalable services
+ Unlimited bandwidth


Liquidweb.com logo

LiquidWeb is suitable for very demanding projects. Of course, you can host small web projects here, but I’ll be honest and say right off the bat that shared hosting is usually not worth it. Here, it makes sense to consider getting a VPS or a dedicated server. I would describe LiquidWeb as a luxury fully managed hosting.

Overall, LiquidWeb is a good adult hosting service in terms of security, loading speed, scalability, and top-notch customer support. However, their prices are a bit higher than with other providers.

Important features: almost 100% availability, quality support, scalability

Pros and Cons

Pros (+) Cons (-)
+ Perfect support- Significantly more expensive compared to others
+ Scalable services
+ High availability


InterServer.net logo

InterServer is a classic hosting company that offers cheap shared hosting on LiteSpeed servers, VPS and powerful dedicated servers. It is one of the few that has ASP.NET support. In terms of web hosting, I must mention that they don’t have a limit on disk space size. Data transfer is also unlimited. 

You won’t go wrong with choosing a VPS here either. You can choose a preset configuration that starts at 1 CPU core, 2 GB RAM and 30 GB SSD.

Important features: affordable pricing, easy service management, unlimited shared web hosting, opportunity for growth

Pros and Cons

Pros (+) Cons (-)
+ 30-day money-back guarantee- Servers located in the US only
+ Transparent service offer
+ ASP.NET support
+ LiteSpeed servers


HostGator is another hosting service that allows you to run adult websites on its servers. Their offer seems to be the same as their competitors’. But only at first glance, because upon closer examination, you may notice that the offer is not very convenient. If I were to compare it to Hostinger, you get a lot more music for the same amount of money there.

In any case, HostGator is reliable. In their offer, you can find low-cost shared web hosting tariffs for one or an unlimited number of domains. Later on, you can upgrade to a VPS or dedicated server. 

Important features: unlimited data transfer for shared hosting and VPS

Pros and Cons

Pros (+) Cons (-)
+ Scalable services- Servers located in the US only
+ Cheap shared hosting plans available- Can be more expensive than the competition
+ 24/7 customer support


Shared hosting with Hostwinds doesn’t make much sense from a financial point of view, as you can find more affordable deals. Hostwinds’ strength is its large selection of VPS servers. Their offer starts at 1 CPU core with 1 GB of RAM and 30 GB SSD. The most powerful VPS currently has 16 CPU cores, 96 GB RAM and 750 GB SSD. However, you have to watch out for the limited bandwidth.

Important features: strong technical background, makes overall sense – especially their VPS

Pros and Cons

Pros (+) Cons (-)
+ Especially suitable for large adult content projects- Shared hosting is expensive
+ Scalable services
+ Windows servers are also on offer


Fastcomet Logo

FastComet is a hosting company that also doesn’t mind hosting adult sites. Their offer is comparable to others. They have cheap shared hosting plans but I must warn you that the disk space is pretty small. If you’re only going to be uploading videos to the site, that will be enough. But beware! While you can choose a plan for unlimited domains, you will have to settle for the limited disk space – 35 GB. VPS can also be found here, but you need to keep an eye on the configuration and pricing.

Important features: unlimited data transfer, unlimited domains on shared hosting, WordPress Toolkit

Pros and Cons

Pros (+) Cons (-)
+ 45-day money-back guarantee- Small disk space with shared hosting
+ WordPress website management toolkit
+ Cheap shared hosting


Hostarmada Logo

HostArmada is a bit different from other providers. It offers very cheap WordPress hosting with 2 dedicated CPU cores and 2 GB of RAM. This configuration will be enough even for heavily visited websites. With the more expensive plan, you even have 4 CPU cores and 4 GB of RAM for an unlimited number of domains. The downside is the disk space which is not very large.

Important features: high shared hosting performance, unlimited data transfer, unlimited number of domains on shared hosting

Pros and Cons

Pros (+) Cons (-)
+ Servers in 9 global locations- Renewal prices for the next period are high
+ Powerful WordPress hosting
+ Small number of clients on one hosting server


Mydreams Cz Logo

MyDreams is a Czech hosting company that has dedicated servers for adult websites. They offer a cheap plan for one domain, but their special powerful servers for really demanding projects are especially noteworthy. 

Clients with their own videos can order their adult web system here and then easily use it to create their own “tube” site with all the important features, such as setting up member sections, galleries, payment gateways and so on.

Important features: special adult servers – a custom system for creating adult websites

Pros and Cons

Pros (+) Cons (-)
+ Powerful servers- Hard-to-navigate offer
+ Experience in hosting demanding adult projects
+ Custom system for creating adult websites

How to Create Your Own Adult Website?

WordPress makes it easy to build websites. All you need is a good hosting provider, a template and a page builder, like Elementor or Divi. If you are creating your own adult website, you can either do everything yourself or reach for a plugin that is designed for creating porn sites.

Wp Script Wtyczka Motywu WordPress Dla Doroslych

WP-Script has an entire ecosystem of templates and plugins you can use to create a simple adult website with embedded content. However, you can also create a system that’ll allow you to stream videos from your own server.

Overall, it is extremely simple. You just select a template and then set up from where (from what source) the videos will be uploaded. You can even choose a category for a specific source, so you can build a highly specialized adult site around a specific erotic topic in just a few minutes.

Wp Script Wybor Kategorii

Of course, you can merge imports from different feeds. WP-Script can pair categories, so you’ll have themed videos nicely categorized.

Frequently Asked Questions About Adult Hosting

It can’t. Most hosting services do not allow this content on their servers as it could damage their moral reputation. Some hosting companies are also a bit protective of their resources, which could easily be drained by a few heavily visited adult sites.

If you’re going to run a content site with embedded videos, you might as well start on shared web hosting. This will be more affordable for you. When the site starts to grow in traffic and its resource requirements, you can simply move it to a more powerful server. 

Choose a VPS or a dedicated server if you want to stream your own videos. For such a project, you need to have a strong CPU, enough RAM and also enough disk space to upload the content. In this case, it pays off not to skimp on hosting and choose a strong server.

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